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Author Topic: PixQuest.com - Digital Media e-Commerce Website Idea - Seeking Investors  (Read 4115 times)

Jay Sadie

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PixQuest.com is an idea that Iíve been thinking about off and on for a couple of years. A few weeks ago I decided to take it to the next level by posting it here on LoopyIdeas.com to see what kind of reaction I get.

My first goal was to design a website that is extremely easy from a customerís perspective. I believe in the KISS principal (Keep It Short & Sweet) With that in mind I started designing, and came up with the conceptual model below. Before I elaborate on what PixQuest is, please look at the diagram and see if you can figure out what the purpose of this site will be. If it makes 80% sense then I have succeeded in my first goal.

[smg id=567 type=full]

Okay. Now that you have studied the diagram above, let me explain in a bit more detail, and letís see if youíve made the right presumptions.

The purpose of PixQuest is to provide a platform for Artists, Musicians, Authors, Photographers, Producers, etc. to promote and/or sell their creations in a digital format. By implication it also provides the inverse, namely for others to buy said media. In addition to buying and selling, it also provides an investment platform for buying shares (squares) in the digital media offered on PixQuest and to then trade (sell) these shares (squares).

Note the squares on the diagram above. Each square represents 1% of the Digital Media item. (There are exactly 100 squares)

Some of the digital media can also be rented from the owners. This applies to Movies, and perhaps Music.

There are 5 categories of Digital Media on PixQuest:
  • Images Ė includes photographs and graphics
  • Art - drawings, paintings
  • Books Ė all genres
  • Movies Ė documentaries, short films, self-produced
  • Music - singers, bands, videos

NOTE: All products on PixQuest MUST belong to the person posting it, and MUST be free of any contractual obligations to other parties.

PixQuest caters for Sellers, Buyers, Renters, Investors/Traders. Letís examine each one more closely:
  • Sellers Ė the owners of the media, e.g. artist, singer, producer, writer, etc.
  • Buyers Ė customers who buy items (Digital Media) on PixQuest
  • Renters Ė customers who rent items (Digital Media) for a specific period (e.g. one week) on PixQuest
  • Investors/Traders Ė people who buy share in the items offered on PixQuest. Each item has exactly 100 shares (squares) for sale at a minimum of $10 per share. Once you own a share(s) you may offer them for sale to other prospective investors by either asking for a fixed price, or you can put your share(s) up for auction.

So what makes PixQuest different to other sites that also offer Digital Media for sale?

The main difference is that it adds an exciting new spin/edge... the ability to invest in what otherís sell. Every time an item is sold, or rented, the investor gets a proportional cut of the sale. This gives everyone an opportunity to make money, whether you are a creator or not. You can use your talents to identify great art/music/books/... and then invest in it. If you pick the right items you can share in the success of the artist/author/producer/...

PiXQuest can also act as a platform for raising funds to produce a movie, for instance. If you have an idea for a movie you can post the treatment on PixQuest and sell shares in the proposed movie. Let's say you need $100,000 to make a movie, you can offer the 100 shares (squares) at $1,000 per share (square).

Here is a breakdown of how sales/rentals will be distributed amongst owners and investors:
  • The owner of the item gets 45% of the sale
  • PixQuest gets 10% of the sale
  • The investors share the remaining 45% amongst them, depending on the number of shares they hold.
    Example: An item sells for $100
    • The owner receives $45
    • PixQuest receives $10
    • There are two shareholders, one with 25%, and one with 50%, therefore the ratio is 1 to 2. Shareholder one receives 1/3 of the $45, and investor two receives 2/3 of the $45. If there was only one investor then that investor would receive the full $45. If there are no investors then the owner and PixQuest will split the $45 in a 1 to 4.5 ratio, i.e. the owner will receive 4.5/5.5 of the $45, and PixQuest will receive 1/5.5 of the $45.

I have already registered the domain name PixQuest.com and Iím ready to go!

If you are a potential investor and would like to hear more, then leave me a message so I can provide you with a detailed Business Plan.

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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