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Author Topic: Crazy New Shoe Technology  (Read 2956 times)


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Crazy New Shoe Technology
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:31:08 AM »

New shoe technology continues to improve on old favourites by highlighting the flaws in current models and developing methods for better shoes without much delay. These include:

The Prana
[smg id=544 type=full]
Technology meets cutting edge design with the Prana. The Prana is a running shoe that converts accumulated energy from various activities into reflexology, as key pressure points in the body become targets for the phytovascular sock to distribute them to.

Wheel of Shoes
[smg id=545 type=full]
A picture speaks a thousand words in this specific case. This ingenious shoe wheel makes an excellent organiser that lets you colour-coordinate your massive collection of high heels or pumps. The design is see-through, with a ventilation system that also protects your collection from any scratches.

Heel protectors
[smg id=546 type=full]
This is certainly not a glamorous piece of technology, yet the heel protectors are a popular shoe accessory for busy women on the go who love their heels! Heel protectors are tiny, plastic nubs that slip onto the base of the heel and save them from scratching, chafing or wedging into tight spots such as grass or manhole covers.

Ladies driving shoes
[smg id=547 type=full]
With a retractable heel and a sole that fiercely grips the pedal, these retractable shoes could save many women from experiencing accidents on the road. Women drivers have admitted to causing accidents because of high heels or incorrect grips – this puts the new shoe technology found in this shoe firmly in the ‘safety’ category.

Shoe dryers
[smg id=548 type=full]
Simply blowing a hairdryer into your shoes to dry a moist interior is now a relic of the past. This UV shoe dryer pumps hot air into your shoes and blasts it with UV light to annihilate the remaining germs. The air rushes out at 104 degrees, with the machine resembling a futuristic vacuum cleaner.

Who knew that shoe technology had caught up to such exceptional standards? These shoes demonstrate a bright future that puts your feet firmly in the winner’s circle.
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