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Author Topic: Killer Shoes To Die For  (Read 5144 times)


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Killer Shoes To Die For
« on: December 12, 2011, 02:55:37 AM »

I can't figure out the intentions of the designer who went overboard to create these thorny shoes which can give the porcupine a run for its deadly pricks.

[smg id=273 width=440 caption="Killer Shoes"]

Despite their killing nature, you have to admit, these shoes are strangely appealing. They are gorgeous enough to make a girl stand out among millions. The killer thorns possess a wild charm that can tame the wildest of spectator and the thin ankle-strap looks sturdy enough to keep the shoes from flying off.

Want to have these killer heels in your footwear collection? Fine, fasten your seatbelts and proceed on a search mission, because I don't have the vaguest idea regarding the whereabouts of this weird dangerous footwear.
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