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Author Topic: Loopy & Crazy Car Creations  (Read 5071 times)


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Loopy & Crazy Car Creations
« on: March 08, 2012, 05:20:21 AM »

What Happens When Imagination Looks More Real Than Reality…?
Under simple frame of idea a car is considered to be a four-wheeled transportation device with a couple of seats, a steering wheel and some semblance of a body covering the engine, suspension and other oily bits, by almost all of us. But undoubtedly there is a scope of immense creativity within these parameters, but for a certain group … well, let’s just say they’ve been practicing out of box thinking

Below are some crazy cars that flout convention. Objects or things that you usually see in your house including a dining table capable of 180 km/h, a drivable camera, and yes, even a motorized living room inspired countless. And to your astonishment yes, the majority of these vehicles are fully registered and street-legal.!

You will be bowled over at some, and wonder what would have been the maker’s degree of craziness that he created these off the wall but undeniably cool creations.

[smg id=494 width=500]

This mobile table is the crazy invention of Perry Watkins. A nitrous-injected, V8-powered Queen Anne-style dining designed to dare all the fellow mates. It set the record for the title of World’s Fastest Furniture in 2010; over 500 metres, the table was clocked at over 180 km/h!

Don’t be confused with the Stig-like figure at the table. He isn’t actually the driver; the real driver sits just beneath the roasted turkey.

The Hot Desk
[smg id=495 width=500]

Well if you are too tired to go to office you may easily take your work home or say you may take your desk home. The Hot Desk is a serial weird-car constructor Edd China taking work home with him in his office car, All of a car’s normal features and controls have been incorporated into the deskware; the mouse is the horn, the ignition is in a briefcase, and the computer keyboard the steering wheel. It really is some kind of office with a top speed of 140 km/h isn’t it! It’s been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest office.

Double Living Room
[smg id=496 width=500]

Jay Ohrberg is the proud creator of this giant eight-seat living room-inspired limousine is. Not sure why he built it, but he is glad he did.

Whereas Ohrberg might not be a household name, you would have by any chance seen some of his work – he was the man behind Super Dave Osborne’s cars, as well as the world’s longest limousine.

The Cottage Car
[smg id=497 width=500]

Tired of trailer-towing cars and consider them a menace, try getting stuck behind a 17th-century thatched cottage.

Under the bodywork is the running gear of a classic Mini.

The Shoe Car
[smg id=498 width=500]

The shoe car is an electrically powered one-off made in China car that can hotfoot it up to 30 km/h and travel 400 kilometres on a single charge.

It is at least better than many other modern electric vehicles that are not based on fashionable drawls.

The Camera Car
[smg id=499 width=500]

Jay Ohrberg is another name for crazy inventions. This brainchild of his makes driver peer out of the camera’s viewfinder, which may not make for the greatest visibility while driving along.
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Re: Loopy & Crazy Car Creations
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2012, 03:14:48 AM »

good job
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