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Author Topic: Heads-Up Display Road Sign System  (Read 3474 times)

Jay Sadie

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Heads-Up Display Road Sign System
« on: March 06, 2012, 01:56:03 AM »

Driving to work this morning I thought about how much money is spent on road signs across the globe. Not only are they expensive to make but also expensive to maintain. Signs have to face everything that Mother Nature constantly throws at it.

It would save a tremendous amount of money if we designed a transparent heads-up display (HUD) system that would display road signs in the peripheral vision of drivers. Not only would it save money, but it will also be safer, as the driver does not have to take his/her eyes off the road.

Another benefit is that heads-up display road signs can be displayed in the driver’s choice of language... great for when travelling abroad.

Vital or important traffic information can also be displayed, i.e. “Accident ahead”, “Road works ahead”, etc.

The Heads-Up Display Road Sign System can also be adapted to incorporate Car GPS Navigation Systems such as TomTom, Garmin, Magellan RoadMate, etc. No more looking away from the road to focus on the direction arrows or maps displayed on the screens of these devices. The actual road and turnoffs in front of you will be the map, and arrows will be superimposed over the actual exits and/or lanes you see in front of you.

Obviously this system will have to incorporate GPS technology, which is already part and parcel of most cell phones and vehicle systems these days.

Something else that may also be a great benefit would be the ability to display driver-specific traffic messages to individual/targeted drivers, such as “Please slow down, you are exceeding the speed limit!”, “Your vehicle is releasing excessive carbon monoxide into the atmosphere!”, etc. But, not everyone will agree with this feature because they’ll complain that it is interfering with their privacy. A nice subject to debate though...

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