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Author Topic: Experience & Knowledge For Sale – Dawn of the Instant Brainpower Module (IBM)  (Read 2853 times)

Jay Sadie

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It is just a matter of time until microchips will be so small that we can’t even see them. There is already a revolutionary miniature chip, developed by Japan's FEC Inc., that measures 0.5 of a square mm and costs less than 10 cents each The chip, the size of a dot, uses radio frequency identification (RFID) chip technology.

Scientists have also built a working memory chip that is roughly the size of a white blood cell — about 1/2000th of an inch on a side. Although the memory chip is modest in capacity with 160,000 bits of information, the bits are crammed together so tightly that it is the densest ever made.

Despite their small size, these chips will pack more processing power and storage than anything we know today.
Once we are able to pack terabytes of information onto these chips, which as not as far-fetched as you might think, it will open a new exciting possibility...

Imagine being able to “purchase” a doctor’s degree. And I don’t mean a fake one.

Imagine gaining 5, 10, 20 or more years of experience in an instant!

Imagine having all the knowledge of an entire set of Encyclopedias inside your head, with instant access to any fact or event.

Sound impossible?

I believe it can, and will be done in the near future. Within 10 years will see the first simple versions, and in as little as 50 years we will see very advanced and sophisticated models. Remember that as these models become more and more advanced, the better we will be "equipped" to improve them... the classical "snowball effect".

Most of us sometimes wish that we could remember a name, number or fact that we used to know. Although the human brain is a small miracle, it has its limitations.

By adding microscopic Instant Brainpower Modules to our brains we can gain the memory, knowledge and experience that we normally lack due to the shortcomings of our brains.

Each IBM will be programmed with a specific function or application in mind. Some IBMs will be designed for additional storage. You will have Photographic Memory, something that very few people are naturally blessed with.

Each IBM will be implanted into your brain by means of nanotechnology.

Imagine all the applications and possibilities:
  • Any Degree you like
  • Any skill you want, e.g. pilot, tennis player, musician, etc.
  • Virtually unlimited memory - never forget a number, name or appointment
  • Erasable memory - selectively delete what you don't want to remember
  • Life experience - don't wait to make mistakes in order to learn (lessons learned database)
  • Dreams recorder - remember every dream, unless you don't want to
  • Credibility in court - display selected memory events via memory reader on screen display in court
  • No camera or video recorder needed - Entire life can be recorded through your own eyes... every image (if enough memory purchased)
  • Information overload/management module - Will enable you to prioritize and/or archive memories. Prevents overwhelming effect of too much real-time information that cannot be processed all at once by the brain.
  • ... and much more ...

You may wonder what would happen to teaching institutions. Won’t they go out of business? On the contrary, they will become extremely valuable in coding these modules. Someone has to place all the knowledge into them.

Universities and teaching institutions will compete to provide the most advanced chips. The more sought after the chip and the knowledge/degree it provides, the more it would cost.

There may be moral and political implications, i.e. the rich will have an advantage over the poor because they can afford to buy the best of the best. But, how is this any different from the rich being able to send their kids to the best Universities? And, besides, even the best knowledge and degrees in the world do not automatically guarantee success. Things like morals, work ethics, drive and ambition cannot be bought. What you do with all the power inside your head will still be up to you.

I don't think that there will ever be such a thing as a creativity or entrepreneurial IBM. That is where we as humans differ from machines. You cannot be taught or coded to be ambitious or successful. You can only be provided with tools, such as knowledge and skills, to be successful.

IBMs will provide those who want to be successful with a powerful toolset to accomplish their goals and ambitions.

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success." - Nikola Tesla
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