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Author Topic: The Ultimate “Smart Phone”  (Read 3050 times)

Jay Sadie

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The Ultimate “Smart Phone”
« on: November 25, 2011, 02:50:04 AM »

Almost everyone on Earth has a cell phone these days. You can travel to any country in Africa and you will see people in the middle of nowhere carrying cell phones. The cell phone has truly changed the world, in many ways we did not even anticipate at first.

So, why are we still carrying credit cards?

I would like to propose that our cell phones become truly smart. It should be used as a Central Databank, Identification Device, Driver’s License, Passport, Electronic Wallet, Membership & Credit Cards, and much more...

Open your wallet and look inside. You are probably carrying a lot of cards of all sorts, pictures/photos, and if you’re fortunate in this economy... maybe some cash. All this takes up space. Now imagine not having to carry a wallet. All you carry on you is your cell phone. One of the best advantages of this is that your “wallet” cannot be stolen.

If someone steals your cell phone (which is now your wallet), there is nothing they can do with it. It only operates in the hands of the owner. This can be achieved by one or more of several security methods, i.e.
  1) by entering a PIN code or password,
  2) by using the phone’s built-in camera to scan your eye’s retina,
  3) by finger-print scanning (pad to be added to phone),
  4) by DNA sample (pain-free blood sample),
  ...etc. The device will be rendered useless to anyone else trying to operate it. If this is the case then there will be no incentive for anyone to steal your cell phone/electronic wallet. Thieves only steal what they can use or get money for.

If you have ever lost your wallet you will know the frustration and inconvenience associated with it. Not only did you lose whatever money was inside it, but you also had to cancel all your credit cards, and if you had important ID cards, such as your Driver’s License in it, you had to arrange for a new one to be sent to you. In most cases you also had to pay an extra fee to have missing cards replaced. For a couple of days, or weeks, you did not have a credit card. And then you may have had some sentimental photos in your wallet. If you’re lucky you may have copies of them or have some new copies made. But sometimes they are lost forever.  The list goes on...

Now let’s look at what would happen if someone stole your Ultimate Smart Phone, or if it breaks, or if you lose it.
Step 1: Purchase a new phone, or if you have insurance a new phone is issued to you.
Step 2: Re-sync the new phone on your local computer, or online secure server.
And that’s it... You’re ready to go. Everything is back to the way it was before you lost your “wallet”.

So, we’ve covered security. The Ultimate Smart Phone will be far more secure than our current system of carrying money or credit cards in our physical wallets.

Here are some other great features of The Ultimate Smart Phone:

  • Electronic Coupons “Smart Coupons”   – Merchants can send electronic coupons directly to your Smart Phone, or you can download them from participating sites, or directly from merchant’s sites. After you’ve purchased your groceries your Cell Phone is “swiped” by the cashier and the coupons will automatically be credited towards your purchase. Afterwards it will be deleted from your phone so it cannot be used again. By the way, each electronic coupon will have a unique ID that will ensure it can only be redeemed once. This will prevent potential coupon fraud.
  • Electronic Credit Cards – All your credit cards are loaded onto your Ultimate Smart Phone. This can only be done by logging on to your credit card company's website, or by physically presenting your phone at one of their offices or approved agents. They will then upload the electronic card onto your cell phone. All the info will be securely encoded, and besides, when you present your electronic card for payment the merchant will "swipe" your phone and a connection will be established with your credit card provider's secure server. A handshake will be performed between your device and the server and it will validate the card info on your phone. Secret electronic tokens will be embedded and will be used as "checksums" to validate your card. Only when your card has been validated will the transaction be approved. This will be more secure than current physical credit cards, which can be stolen and used by thieves, happening quite often. No one but you will be able to present your phone for payment. (See list of security measures further up)
  • Electronic Passport – When you go through Customs you present you Smart Phone. The agent “swipes” the phone’s built-in card and the “Passport” displays on the agent’s computer screen. We all know that passports can be faked by counterfeiters. It will be a lot more difficult to create a fake passport on your cell phone, as each cell phone is registered against a specific person. The electronic copy on your cell phone will also be embedded with a secret encoded token that is issued by the Passport Issuing Agency of each country. When an Electronic passport is presented it is compared against a central computer to see if the secret token matches. If it does not match it means that it is a counterfeit. I’d like to see the counterfeiters get around this one.
  • Electronic Driver’s License – Works similar to the Electronic Passport above. When a cop pulls you over he/she “swipes” your cell phone and will immediately have all your info available, including any outstanding fines you have not paid... Oops, you may not like this one. But, they can do this anyway by “running” your License Number through their laptops they now carry in their vehicles.
  • Electronic Cash – Load money onto your cell phone via your online banking account. You plug your cell phone into your computer with a USB cable to do so. This one will have to be thought through a bit. What happens if you lose your phone? Do you then lose your cash? If you had cash in your wallet you would have lost it anyway. Maybe one should not carry a lot of “cash” in your cell phone. It would be better to transfer the money directly from your account into a merchant’s account when purchasing items or a service. This will act like a Debit Card. The only time that you would want to carry “electronic cash” is if you’re at a place where they do not have a direct connection to your bank’s servers, i.e. in the middle of nowhere. As you can see I’m not too sure about this one. Maybe we should do away with “cash” altogether, even if it’s in an electronic form.
  • Electronic Tickets – Want to go to a concert or sporting event? Purchase your tickets online and have them downloaded onto your Ultimate Smart Phone. When you get to the venue present your phone so they can “swipe” it to see your ticket. If there is an usher that will escort you to your seat the usher will have an electronic device showing the ticket on the device’s screen.
  • Airline Tickets / Boarding Passes – Present your cell phone to the ticket agent and gain access to your flight. Do the same when boarding the airplane and the flight attendant will know where to seat you.

As you can see from the above The Ultimate Smart Phone will also help the environment, and contribute towards saving the Planet. Think of all the paper being wasted when printing tickets, or plastic used to manufacture credit cards. Besides being Green, it will also directly relate to cost savings... Very important, don’t you think?

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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