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Loopy Ideas From The Past - Aircraft Detection Before Radar


Jay Sadie:
So far I have been posting mostly about modern, existing and/or futuristic ideas. I think it is about time to go back in history and look at some crazy ideas of the past. Strangely enough, at that time some ideas may not have been perceived as loopy or weird, due to the fact that such ideas provided solutions to problems that had to be solved. Take for instance the need to detect aircraft before radar was invented. Some "brilliant" minds came up with the ideas below. Even though these images may make us chuckle now, at that time they fulfilled a vital need... to detect the enemy before they dropped bombs on you so you and your fellow-soldiers could take cover!

There may be some inventions we use today that may seem practical or even cool, but somewhere in the future our children, or grandchildren may look back at the devices we use now, and have a good laugh at our "ancient" technology. Sometimes you don't have to go back too far in history to prove this point. The young generation of today already laugh at 8-track tapes and LP records. To them it must seem weird and funny.

It's difficult to not laugh at some of the images below, and to wonder, "What were they thinking?". I'm sure you will agree with me...

[smg type=full id=247]

[smg type=full id=248]

[smg type=full id=249]

[smg type=full id=250]

[smg type=full id=251]

[smg type=full id=252]

[smg type=full id=253]

[smg type=full id=254]

[smg type=full id=255]

[smg type=full id=256]


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