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Author Topic: How to slow down time  (Read 4061 times)

Jay Sadie

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How to slow down time
« on: October 14, 2011, 04:06:33 AM »

There is never enough time in a day... at least as far as I’m concerned. Before you know it the day is over and you ask yourself where did the time go.

During one’s years as a child time seems to go by very slowly. A week feels like a month, and a year feels like an eternity. Why is it then that as we get older time flies by more rapidly, to a point that when you wipe out your eyes another year has gone by?

The answer I think is in the way we live. As you get older you have more on your mind, and a lot more to do. Living under the pressures of modern society, where competition is tough, also contributes towards making time fly by.

While I was pondering this time dilemma a couple of days ago, a question suddenly entered my mind. Why is it that when we dream we experience hours, even days go by, where in fact the physical duration of the dream may have lasted for only a couple of minutes, or even mere seconds? I can vouch for this because I often wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off, fall back to sleep, and then experience an elaborate dream before being awakened by the annoying sound of the alarm. I’ve often asked myself how this can be possible.

There are many speculations about time. It is probably one of the greatest mysteries of all time (pun intended). Many believe that it is the fourth dimension, encapsulating the three dimensions we live in. Others believe that it is purely a measure, and that it cannot be manipulated, i.e. moving back or forth in time (time travel). Einstein’s Theory of Relativity suggests that time slows down as you approach the speed of light... time is relative. An interesting postulate is that if one of two twins leaves the Earth in a spacecraft capable of travelling close to the speed of light, that if the twin comes back a couple of months later that the twin left on Earth will be much older, maybe even dead already for a couple of generations. This surely seems strange. All of this is speculation and cannot be proven or disproven... yet.

I may have side-tracked a bit, but I think the introduction above set the stage for what I’m about to suggest. I have some other ideas about time, which I will discuss in future posts, I’m sure. Time has always fascinated me... so chances are pretty good that I’d want to write more about it. After all... this is Loopy Ideas, so I don’t have to worry about sounding too silly or far-out. That is the purpose of this site, right? Here you can speak your mind freely.

My idea about how to slow down time does not involve time-travel, or weird science. It is based on what we already know. When you dream time slows down. Sometimes when you dream you don’t even know that you’re dreaming. It feels completely real. You may even wake up and wonder if it really happened, or whether you were dreaming. Some dreams are garbled and none-sensible. Those we can easily distinguish from realistic dreams.

I believe that dreams can be invoked or directed. If you for instance intensely think about something just before you fall asleep you most probably will dream about it. Sometimes an intense movie that really moved you can cause you to dream about a similar subject or theme.

Another interesting dream type I’ve experienced a few times is when I’ve dreamed the solution to a problem, especially if the problem had been haunting me for a while. I almost had to be consumed by the problem to the point where it adversely affected my mindset. It was almost as though my subconscious mind was working while I was asleep, and somehow infiltrated my dream to reveal the solution. Although this has not happened to me much, the few times it had happened completely blew me away. It was almost eerie... twilight-zonish, if that’s a word. Nevertheless, because it has happened to me more than once I realized that it was not just a random act, event or coincidence.

So, what does all this have to do with slowing down time? Well, time is really all about how much you experience in a lifetime. If you live to be a thousand years old and you’ve only experienced sitting on a porch for a thousand years, you’ve had far less “time” than someone who has only lived for 27 years who had done it all, e.g. traveled the world, reached many highs and lows, bore children, etc. My point is that time and experience are really the same thing.

By experiencing more in a measurable time-frame, you are effectively slowing down time. If you fall asleep and dream about an experience that lasts two days, you have slowed down two days to 8 hours of sleep time. You may even be able to have multiple dreams in one sleep-session, to the point where you may experience weeks, months, or yes... even years, in 8 hours.

The catch is to have meaningful, realistic dreams during such sessions. It has to feel like the real thing.

So, how do we achieve this? Well, the short answer is to stimulate as many of our senses as possible during sleep, without causing us to wake up. Combine this with internal chemical stimulation, and I do not mean “drugs”. There are natural foods and herbs that one can eat a couple of hours before going to bed that will provide the necessary chemical stimulation. The key is to get in the right state of mind. This can be achieved by playing soft background music, carefully controlled by means of volume and type of music, based on the type of dream one would want to experience. If you for instance want to dream about driving a racing car you probably would not want to listen to romantic music, but rather to something a little more “spunky”. The right smell/aroma is also very important. Much experimentation has been done on smell, and there are even time-proven Aromatherapy practices used during hypnosis, yoga, trances, etc. Again, the type of aroma will play a key role in the type of experience required during dreaming. Gentle massage by a specially designed mattress will also make the dream experience more realistic.

In order to take realistic dream experiences to the next level we will have to employ the services of a high-tech electronic device. This device has not been invented yet, but a lot of experimentation has been done in this field. By combining Electroencephalography (EEG) technology with brain wave generators the brain can directly be stimulated into the desired dream sequence. The device will have to monitor the dreamer and make adjustments to ensure/maximize the dream duration.

This may all sound like science fiction. There have been many movies covering the subject of mind control, induced thoughts, etc. Total Recall and The Matrix come to mind. These movies suggest that the mind can be tricked into not being able to distinguish between reality and that which is fake. My approach is different. We do not want to “plant” thoughts or experiences into the mind, but rather use a person’s own thoughts and experiences to induce further development of such thoughts. Basically we’re buying the person “more time”, effectively slowing down time.

Another benefit of the dream-induced approach is that it can be used for one vital need we all have, i.e. learning. In order to get a high school diploma or college degree, we have to study for many hours. Again, time is our biggest enemy. There just is not enough time in a day to get everything done, especially if you have to study for hours on end. Imagine you could study while you’re sleeping. Best part is that you can probably finish a whole semester in one evening. Wrap your head around that one...


We all need more time. When we sleep we are basically wasting time. Imagine being able to fit in some extra hours, weeks, months, or even years during one sleep session. The physical world we live in has a finite number of hours in a day. But when we’re asleep there is almost no limitation to time. Hours go by in seconds. With enough refinement and time, we may even reach a point where you can experience an entire lifetime in one night.

Links to Mind Machines

The links below are merely to demonstrate what’s out there. It is not intended to solicit sales.

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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