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Author Topic: Laughenarium - A new type of Comedy Club  (Read 4102 times)

Jay Sadie

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Laughenarium - A new type of Comedy Club
« on: October 13, 2011, 01:17:46 AM »

A planetarium is a dome-shaped theatre built for presenting entertaining shows about astronomy.  

When I had this idea about a new type of comedy club I thought about the shape of a planetarium and came up with the word “Laughenarium”.

A Laughenarium will be a dome-shaped theatre built mainly for Comedy Shows. All Comedy Clubs have stages, but unlike traditional clubs, a Laughenarium will have a circular stage in the middle of the audience. The comedian is thus completely surrounded by his/her audience.

Comedians usually and frequently interact with their audiences. You always get those patrons who will go and sit right in the front of a stage. Those who usually take such positions have either 1) never been to a comedy show,  2) like to get picked on, or 3) like to heckle the comedian. Any good comedian will very quickly shut a heckler up by turning the cards on such a person. I sometimes wonder if they don't purposefully place the hecklers there so they can give the comedians some additional material. They may even be friends or assistants of the comedians. But, that's just my opinion, and I may be wrong.

Well, crowd interaction is a very important part of putting together a good comedy act. Comedians usually “work” the crowd. I think that a center stage will provide the perfect platform for really interacting with an audience. Unlike theatre drama shows, a comedy act mostly consists of one “actor”. This actor can freely walk about the stage and does not have to worry about his/her position/placement in relation to other actors on the stage.

A Laughenarium also brings the audience closer to the stage. There are more front seats, and the comedian has far greater access to the audience. It's almost impossible to “hide” at the back, unless it is a very large theatre.

One of the bonuses of a Laughenarium is that it will lend itself very well to a dueling comedian scenario, very similar to a “Blazing Piano” or “Dueling Piano” show. Definition: Sing-along entertainment performed with two grand pianos, each played by a professional player who sings and entertains using humor and audience participation; originating with 1890s ragtime piano players who would "duel" to see who could play better and faster, it was redefined in the 1980s with rock 'n' roll and teamwork.

Dueling comedians can perform and challenge each other's skills in a “boxing ring” setup, with the audience surrounding the ring. These “gladiators” can go at each other in the fighting arena, until the last one is left standing (figuratively speaking of course).  :D

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