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Author Topic: Chef AGARA – Automated Grocery And Recipe Assistant  (Read 3609 times)

Jay Sadie

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Chef AGARA – Automated Grocery And Recipe Assistant
« on: October 12, 2011, 03:55:11 AM »

In today’s busy life and limited time to prepare a home-cooked meal it would be nice to have an assistant that can help with the organizing, tracking and suggestions on what to prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Enter Chef AGARA... a digital mobile device that will change the way we manage our kitchens.

  • Grocery Inventory Tracking
  • Thousands of Categorized Recipes
  • Ability to add your own recipes
  • Pet Recipes – For those who really love their cats, dogs, iguanas, etc.
  • Provides Grocery List of what to buy
  • Provides food dish suggestions (what’s for dinner?)
  • Multiple family member nutritional tracker (Dietary Assistant)
  • Web Interface

The first step in providing a family with a healthy diet is to make up a grocery list of what to buy for preparing various dishes. You have to know what kind of food you’re going to prepare to make this list. Chef AGARA will assist you in making up this grocery list. It will provide you with literally thousands of dishes to choose from, categorized by meaningful groups, e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. Each of these groups will have sub-categories, e.g. meat dishes, vegetarian, soups, fruit, pastas, etc. Once you have picked the dishes you’d like to prepare Chef AGARA will calculate what groceries you need to buy and will provide you with a grocery list.

Once you have bought the groceries, you indicate to the device what you have bought, and how much of each item. Optionally you can also enter the price of each item, which will turn your device into a budgeting tool. As Chef AGARA’s database grows with time it will have the ability to calculate how much your next grocery list will cost.

When you prepare dishes you indicate to the device what you have prepared and it will automatically subtract the quantities used from your available grocery inventory. This can be done in one of two ways:
1) You tell it that you made a particular dish. It knows what goes into the dish and will automatically subtract the necessary quantities.
Or ...
2) You manually enter the quantities you used, or adjust the quantities showed by the device in case of a discrepancy.

Not sure what to have for dinner? Ask Chef AGARA to make a suggestion. It will check your available inventory and use an algorithm to calculate a suggested dish, based on previous dishes prepared and frequency. This is a very nice feature for when you want to be surprised. If you don’t like Chef AGARA’s suggestion you can ask it to make a new suggestion, or ask it to provide you with a top 10 list and pick one.

Although Chef AGARA is predominantly designed for managing foods and drinks, it also can manage all non-food items, e.g. cleaners, accessories, light bulbs, kitty litter, towels, toilet paper, etc. In fact you can add anything you buy to it, even clothes, cosmetics, electronics... you name it. It obviously won’t use such items when calculating what to have for dinner...  :)

Chef AGARA can also be your personal dietary assistant, if you so choose. It can keep track of each individual family member’s nutritional data. In order for a family to participate in this program the member’s profile data must be entered, e.g. gender, age, weight, height, etc. It will evaluate each member, and based on goals set by the member it will suggest food dishes and portions to achieve such goals. Each member’s consumption must be entered in order for the tracking feature to work effectively. Weekly or bi-weekly measures, such as weight and height (for children), must also be entered.

Cat overweight? You can even add your pets to the nutritional tracker. Keep Fluffy healthy.  ;D

Your Chef AGARA comes with an interface to connect to our central database of recipes and other software upgrades. Connect as often as you like and your device will be synchronized with the latest and greatest information. You also have an option to upload all the information on your device to our database as a backup... just in case you lose your device, or it ceases to function. Any electronic device can break, even if it is of the highest quality.

Add-Ons / Accessories

  • Barcode scanner – An easy way to load items you have bought into the device. Also used for when items are taken out of inventory (scan the barcode of the empty can).
  • Designer Covers to protect or beautify your Chef AGARA. Make a fashion statement while protecting your investment.
  • Web-based front-end – Take your Chef AGARA to the next level by interfacing it with our website, opening it up to a myriad of new possibilities.


Chef AGARA assists busy homemakers with compiling grocery lists, suggesting food dishes based on your personal preferences, and keeping track of your grocery inventory.  It easily fits in a handbag or carry case and can literally be carried on your person at all times. As an added bonus this kitchen helper can also keep track of nutritional information consumed by each family member who wishes to participate in this optional program. So, it is also a dietary assistant.

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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