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Author Topic: Functional Liquid Gloves - Fits like a glove, only better  (Read 3682 times)

Jay Sadie

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Functional Liquid Gloves - Fits like a glove, only better
« on: November 21, 2011, 01:23:51 AM »

This past weekend I was using some rubberized silicone to seal the edges of our pool where the pavers meet the top of the pool. As I'm sitting here typing this post my hands and fingers are covered in patches of stubborn rubberized sealant! I have tried using different kinds of cleaners, but to no avail. My hands have been washed at least twenty times, and still I can smell the chemicals on my hands. They say it's good to have some of your skin peeled off, but having too much of it taken off can be quite painful. I can attest to that. Eventually my hands were so sensitive that when I poured any kind of cleaner on it I almost went through the roof. Not to mention how dry and yucky my hands are looking like at the moment.

I'm sure many of you reading this can relate to a similar episode. Some may ask, "Why did you not wear disposable latex gloves?" Well, I have tried to use them many times before, but there are some problems associated with them. Firstly, when you run a bead of silicone and you want to smooth it over with your finger, which I still find to be the best way to do it, your latex-covered finger works pretty well for about a minute. Very soon it starts to get sticky and pulls the latex into folds. Eventually you have to put on a new glove every so often. This is time consuming and frustrating. Secondly, the latex rips easily, especially if your are sealing around a rough surface, such as bricks.

Well, this whole episode made me think... Would it not be nice to have my hands covered in a protective layer of some sorts, and then when I'm done, simply wash the protective layer off!

Imagine the possibilities and applications for these “magic gloves”.  It has to be made of a very durable rubberized solution that sets very quickly, and most importantly does not have any chemical reaction with your hands. It has to be bio friendly too. It is also important to be able to remove it very easily. The solution that will dissolve it must also be skin-friendly.

The substance of the liquid gloves must withstand almost all other solutions, i.e. paints, paint thinners, acetones, acids, etc. This is to ensure that other liquids do not penetrate the gloves while you are “wearing” them.

Another great benefit of these liquid gloves is that they “fit” any size hand, and you can configure them in any way you want, e.g. only cover one finger, one hand, cover your hand up to your wrist, or all the way to your elbow.

These liquid gloves can be used in the kitchen, garden, workshop or anywhere you need to protect your hands. Come to think of it... you can even cover your feet, up to the ankles, or up to the knees. So, this means the product can also double as “Liquid Boots”.

How will you get the gloves, or boots, on your hands or feet?

The liquid solution can either come in an already-mixed container, into which you dip your hands, or it can come in a powder that you have to mix with water in a small bucket or container. Dipping your hands into the liquid seems like the easiest way to apply it. However, one may also “rub” it on like you would ointment. One obviously needs to preserve the liquid to be used over and over again.

The liquid will not set until an agent is applied to it. In other words the final step is to dip your hands, with the wet sticky liquid already applied, into the hardening agent that will set it almost instantaneously. Obviously the "hardened" gloves will be very flexible, so you can freely move your fingers around while wearing the gloves.

Very importantly... the liquid gloves must be very easy to remove, by means of dissolving it.

So, if there is a clever chemical engineer out there... How about “inventing” the three substances needed?
1) Flexible rubberized application layer
2) Instant setting agent
3) Dissolvent

I am sure that these Liquid Gloves, and Liquid Boots, will be a huge hit. I will be the first eager customer to try it out... and my hands will be eternally grateful.

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