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Author Topic: The Fat Sack - Eat us much as you like without gaining weight  (Read 4859 times)

Jay Sadie

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The Fat Sack - Eat us much as you like without gaining weight
« on: August 07, 2011, 07:13:12 AM »

A couple of years ago I had this wild and weird idea in how to lose weight without dieting.  When I told most of my closest friends and family about it they all laughed at me and said that it was kind of gross.

Well, I've decided to post it here anyway.  I'd like to see what our members think of my idea.

Here goes... Imagine you could eat as much as you like. Who does not enjoy a good tasty meal?  Most of us have to constantly watch our weight, and what we eat, especially as we get older.  When you're young you can eat almost anything and not pick up any weight.

What I'm suggesting is not easy to stomach... at first.  But if you really think about it, it starts to make a lot of sense. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks it's a good idea.

My idea involves surgery, but nothing like a gastric bypass, which is major surgery where they reduce the size of your stomach and intestines.

[float=right][smg id=89 caption="The Stomach"][/float]The Fat Sack is a plastic disposable bag that you strap around your waist.  It connects to a flexible plastic pipe that is inserted just below the stomach onto a y-shaped attachment containing a valve that will direct the flow of the stomach's contents amongst the two pipes forming the y-shape.  The bottom of the Y is where the part of the stomach exits is connected.  In order to do this the surgeon will cut the Duodenum in two, just below the stomach (see picture).  The y-shaped assembly containing a valve, tiny computer chip and small motor that will move the valve, will be inserted between the two cut parts of the Duodenum, bottom of the Y facing the stomach.  The top-left of the Y will be attached to the other end of the Duodenum, facing the lower intestines.  The top-right of the Y will be already have a flexible plastic pipe attached to it and will lead through the right-hand side of where the incision into the patient was made, in the small of the back.  This pipe will have a seal at the end, with a small flap that will seal air-tight.  Once the patient is stitched up there will be a small plastic plug sticking out the small of the back, barely noticeable.

Into the pipe will also be an embedded thin electrical wire that will be used to provide power to the small electric motor in the Y-shaped attachment.  It will also be used to send signals to the motor to control the angle of the Valve inside the operational unit.  The valve can be all the way open, half-way open,all the way closed, or anywhere in between.

Once the patient has recovered sufficiently he/she is ready to start a new life of enjoying food without gaining weight.

How does it work?

You strap a plastic sack around your waist and plug it into the small valve implanted into the small of your back.  To the side of the sack is a small battery that provides power to the implanted unit just below your stomach.  You go to your computer and start a program that will detect the device and has the ability to move the valve to the desirable position.  You fill in your weight information into the program and indicate to it how much weight you want to lose, and how fast.  It will then set the implanted device to allow as much or as little food to bypass the intestines below your stomach.  The unneeded food will flow through the flexible plastic pipe into the sack strapped around your middle.  Once the sack reaches a certain level you discard it and re-attach a new clean bag.

You do not have to worry about carrying the Fat Bag around your waist all the time.  You may unplug it at any time, which will automatically close the valve inside the Y-Shaped unit so that all the food will flow into your lower intestines.  The unwanted foods will no longer flow through the pipe to your outside.

The Fat Sack computer program will monitor your progress and will warn you if your weight loss is getting too extreme, which could pose a health risk.

Let's say it's Thanksgiving or Christmas time and you know that you are going to eat a lot of food.  Well, worry no more.  Log on to your computer and tell it to completely redirect all the food you're going to eat for the next 12 hours and it will program the implanted device to comply.

No more worries... eat us much as you like!  

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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