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Author Topic: Auto-Checkout Shopping Cart  (Read 4117 times)

Jay Sadie

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Auto-Checkout Shopping Cart
« on: January 25, 2010, 03:59:06 PM »

Do you like to stand in line at supermarkets or retail stores?

I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of those reading this will answer "No".

Well, we have landed a man on the moon, and here we are in the 21st century, with still no answer to one of the most annoying systems we have to put up with... standing in line. I firmly believe that if companies want to take our money that they should have a way to do so with the least amount of frustration to us, the customers.

Enter the Auto-Checkout Shopping Cart.

Imagine going to a store, picking the items you want, placing them in your "Super Cart", and when you're done, you walk to your car and unpack the items. And you do not even have to stand in line at the checkout counters.

As an added benefit, you can see your running total on your cell phone display, knowing exactly what your bill will be when you leave the store.

Here's how it works:

  • All items in the store will be marked with a painted on magnetic Bar Code.
  • Smart Shopping Carts will have a scanning device that monitors all items placed in cart.
  • Cart's scanning device connects via wireless connection to a new Smart Cell Phone.
  • Three lights on cart indicate status:
    • Red - Out of service (ready for next customer)
    • Orange - In use by shopper (purchase mode)
    • Green - Shopper is ready to leave store (payment has been made)

In order for this to work, you will need to purchase an Auto-Checkout enabled Cell Phone. We can call it a Smart Shopper Cell Phone (SSCP), or a Shop Easy Cell Phone (SECP).

When you enter a store, you connect your Smart Shopper Cell Phone to a Super Cart. A shopping list window appears on your cell's display and indicates a balance of zero. Every time you take an item off the shelf and place it in the cart, an audible beep on your cell indicates that an item was registered. Your cell will display the item description and price of the item. Each new item gets added at the top of your purchase list. At any time you can scroll down to check what you've purchased so far.

If you decide that you no longer want a certain item, you merely remove it from your cart, and it will be deleted from your purchase list.

When you're done shopping, you press on a 'Done' button and the display will prompt you to verify the total amount. When you accept the total amount, the display will prompt you for a PIN number, and if entered correctly, will connect to your bank or credit card company, and will complete the transaction. When done, the green light on your cart will light up, indicating that you may leave the store.

The carts are automatically reset to accept the next Smart Shopper Cell Phone when returned to the cart storage area inside the store. A red light will indicate that a cart is out of use.

Another added benefit is that you don't have to wonder about the price of items that have no price tags. Merely place it in your cart and the price will display on your cell. If you're not happy with the price, place it back on the shelf. No more waiting for "Price check on aisle five".

And yet another benefit... cost savings of fewer checkout points and cash registers needed. There will always be those who would not want to participate in this newer, easier way to shop. So, for those shoppers we will still need traditional checkout stations.

And that's it... easy as pie.

I, for one, would be the first to use such a cart when it becomes available. Waiting in line is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Any suggestions on how to improve or modify my idea?

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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