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Author Topic: Emision-free Eco-Airship powered by Bio-Hydrogen  (Read 4551 times)

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Emision-free Eco-Airship powered by Bio-Hydrogen
« on: June 27, 2010, 05:27:34 AM »

[float=right][smg id=83 caption="Hydrogenase"][/float]In a couple of decades, you will see designers, researchers and architects pressing hard on eco-responsible transportation. With pollution elevating to a frightening level, they will be inspired to think out of the box and will design sustainably self-sufficient modes of transport – something like the one in the image on the right.

Though the exposé, i.e. the Hydrogenase: Bio-Hydrogen airship, may make one question its incomprehensible technicalities, a renowned Belgian designer, Vincent Callebaut, believes it to be a sustainable mode of transportation that will power itself with seaweed. Vincent has proposed a sustainable transportation alternative that would involve zero-emission airships powered by bio-hydrogen, which is generated by seaweed. The project lines itself up for the year 2030, when fuel prices would have increased the demand for sustainable transport.

Mimicking nature to the fullest, the bio-hydrogen airship will power itself with the carbon dioxide generated by the algae farm or a farm with seaweeds. The fully energy-efficient, vertical aircraft will be a safe haven for those affected with natural catastrophes. The state-of-the-art biofuel-powered airship will fly 2,000 meters above the sea level.

With an ability to produce electricity, without emitting any toxic gases, hydrogen promises a clean energy source for the future. Moreover, it has been discovered that sulfur micro-seaweed can produce hydrogen from carbonated waste brought by ships on the shores.

Researchers estimate a hectare of seaweeds could produce 120 times more biofuel than a hectare of soya or sunflower. Moreover, a farm with seaweeds is a true miniature biochemical power station able to absorb CO2 as main nutrient by photosynthesis and produce hydrogen in bioreactors. This is where the Hydrogenase concept steps in. The Hydrogenase is essentially a two-tier system, one of which is the airship and the other is a plant producing bio-hydrogen.

With a weight-carrying capacity of 200 tons, the airship will fling certain tenets of eco-transportation as it saunters along its way. It will dedicate itself “to humanitarian missions, rescue operations, installation of platforms for scientific studies, and of course to air freight.” Moreover, it will complement entertainment, eco-tourism, hotel, human transports, air media coverage and territorial waters surveillance too.

[float=right][smg id=84 caption="Hydrogenase"][/float]The Hydrogenase flies at an average height of 2000 meters and can carry up to 200 tons of freight at a top speed of 175kph. While the speed its double that of a ship, it is seven times slower than that of an airplane. However, since the operating cost and the reduction in emissions will definitely make it interesting in the near future.

The semi-rigid airship includes four inhabited spaces, which are included between four great bubbles of bio-hydrogen. Apart from being powered by hydrogen, the ship is also equipped with a layer of flexible photovoltaic cells for more energy. On top of absorbing the solar energy, this flying castle draws its inspiration from the biomimicry technologies and is built in lighter and more resistant composite materials (fiberglass and carbon fiber) in order to reduce the weight of its structure at the maximum.

The floating organic farm is a purifying station that comprises four carbon wells in which the seaweed recycles carbonated water brought by ships. This organic farm doubles as a dock for the airship, where these ships are refueled with sustainably produced bio-hydrogen. On top of producing clean energy, this floating purifying station is also an incredible observatory for the sea fauna and flora that fight for the protection of ecosystems and for the revitalization of the beds of corals and of endangered species.

The benefits that this Hydrogenase air ship could prove to offer:

  • Innovative powering concepts that include all of the most forefront “Green” ideas and concepts
  • Produces zero-emissions
  • Uses existing CO2 to produce Hydrogen
  • Recycles carbonated water
  • Revitalizes the corals beds of the ocean
  • Protects endangered species
  • Ability to safely produce large abundances of Hydrogen based fuel for the powering of electricity
  • Atmospheric purifying abilities

Definitely, Vincent Callebaut is thinking ahead of his times!

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