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Author Topic: Digital e-book with multiple pages  (Read 3912 times)

Jay Sadie

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Digital e-book with multiple pages
« on: August 14, 2010, 09:37:36 AM »

[float=right][smg id=88 caption="Amazon Kindle"][/float]Amazon’s Kindle eReader has long been a great device. Unfortunately, for much of its life, it has been far too expensive. And now with Apple’s iPad out there, it seems a bit too, well, monochrome. But Amazon did a smart thing recently, they slashed the price of the device, down to $189. As a result, growth is accelerating once again, Amazon says.

In fact, in each month this quarter, the Kindle saw an upswing in sales. “We’ve reached a tipping point with the new price of Kindle—the growth rate of Kindle device unit sales has tripled since we lowered the price from $259 to $189,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says.

Perhaps even more interesting is that books sold on the Kindle are now outpacing the hardcover books Amazon sells. In the past three months, for every 100 hardcover books sold, Amazon.com has sold 143 Kindle books, they say. And that gap is getting wider. In the past month, for every 100 hardcover books sold, there have been 180 Kindle books sold through Amazon. This is across Amazon’s entire U.S. book business and even includes hardcovers that have no Kindle version. Plus, free Kindle books are not included, or the numbers would be even higher.

From the above we have to admit that electronic books are here to stay. Being a writer myself I am delighted with the massive popularity these books are gaining. The "Publisher's World", as we know it, is on the verge of being uprooted, and turned upside down.

Anyone who has tried to write a book for the first time will have to admit that the easiest part is to write the book. The most difficult part is to have it published. It can take many years, even decades to get published. There are many famous authors that can attest to this.

The e-book phenomena is now making it possible for authors to self-publish at a fraction of the cost of the traditional way to self-publish, i.e. to have let's say 10,000 copies printed yourself.

Enough said. More than 10 years ago I had already envisioned an electronic book. But, my original idea of an e-book was more along the lines of a double-paged book, with a leather cover. When I originally had the idea I realized that one would have to make it look as close as possible to a real book.

When Amazon came out with the Kindle my wife was the first to inform me about it, and her words to me were, "Look, Honey, they stole your idea."  I was quite surprised, but soon admitted that it was due to happen. I had my chance to do it 10 years ago, but didn't act on it for various reasons. The first reason was obviously the cost of bringing such an invention to market. Amazon had a lot more funding at their disposal than I did. My hats off to them for beating me to the punch. I hold no grudges. Besides, I only had the idea, and did not patent it.

Now that the Kindle is in full swing, I still believe that a double display will work better in all ways. Also, I think having four displays will even be better! Let me explain...

My version will have two "pages" that hinge in the middle, and then also a third page that hinges between the two outside "pages". The 2 outside pages are really nothing more than two LCD display screens, with the middle page being a double-sided LCD screen. This arrangement effectively gives you four viewable pages. The entire unit will be covered in a durable leather casing/cover.

First of all, this much improved device will give it the look and feel of a regular book. You page through it like a regular book, in stead of having to press a "Next Page" button. The only difference will be that you will move the middle page from left to right the first time you turn the page, and then from right to left. So, basically, you turn pages by moving the middle page to and fro, while pressing a small double-sided button at the bottom corner of the middle page. As you turn the page the e-book will almost instantly change the display of the four pages. If you turn the middle page without depressing the double-sided button, the page displays will not change. This will give you the ability to view the content of the four pages at your leisure. You may want to do so when you want to cross-reference a schematic, or table on the next or previous page.

Another big advantage of my proposed configuration is that one can read one page and then make notes on the other, or others. This will come in quite handy for college/school students. All their prescribed books can be loaded on this device, and they can use it as a "true" study tool.

Although my idea of a more realistic e-book will cost more, maybe even double, or triple, I am almost positive that it will find much better favor with readers than the current configurations out there. The ultimate cost savings will more than pay for its higher cost, in a very short time-frame. Text books are expensive, due to their size, color and graphics. A multi-page e-book will soon be able to store as many traditional books on it as you will ever need in your school/college career. Ad up the price of all the books you have ever bought, and then half it. That is approximately what you would have saved if you had this magical device at you disposal.

Electronic books are the future, come what may!

For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success." - Nikola Tesla
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