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Author Topic: BlackBox Software Decoder for Absolute Internet Security  (Read 4894 times)

Jay Sadie

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BlackBox Software Decoder for Absolute Internet Security
« on: January 18, 2010, 09:05:07 AM »

Even though security has greatly been improved on the Internet over the past decade, there are still lots of concerns and hacking issues. Some have even been talking about redesigning the Internet to make it more secure.

I have a great idea on how to solve the loopholes and challenges when it comes to security on the Internet. I’m not sure that this can be called a “loopy” idea, but it certainly is unusual.

Here is a perfect example of an idea that can be published on LoopyIdeas.com, without being concerned that someone will steal my idea. I am going to discuss what my idea is all about, and what it does, but not the inner workings. My “Secret Sauce” will remain mine. The coding behind my idea is what makes it unique. This I cannot reveal in my post, and besides, then it won’t be a “black box” anymore.


The BlackBox Software Decoder (BBSD) consists of two modules: 1) client module, and 2) server module. The client module will be installed on user’s computers and the server module on each website’s server. When a user connects to a site, all traffic to and from the website will be passed along between the two decoders, and will be encrypted, using unbreakable and undecipherable technology. This will be made possible by the two software modules that will “invent” a new language each time a connection is made. When two decoders ”talk” to each other, that will be the only instance and time, ever, that the language they’re speaking can, and will be used. The next time they connect, a whole new language will be invented, that only the two BBSDs can understand.

Benefits and Features

There are some major benefits and spin-offs that will change the face of the Internet:
  • No more SSL required. All communication will be 100% secure.
  • On-line commerce with 100% piece-of-mind.
  • Automatic built-in data compression.
  • Better control over potential hacking attacks.
  • Ability to set option to only view sites that are BBSD-enabled.
  • Optional built in Virus Protection.

Let’s discuss each point in a little more detail.

[nbsp]1. SSL is not necessary, because all traffic between the client and the server (when BBSD is used) will be 100% safe. As we all know, https is slower. With BBSD you only need http. Now, if one of your clients does not have a BBSD, then your site will still serve him/her with SSL. This can be controlled via software that will check if a connection is across BBSD or not.

[nbsp]2. Once the word gets out that BBSD cannot be deciphered or broken into, there will be no more concerns about providing sensitive information, such as credit card info, over the Internet. No one will be able to hijack your information and make sense of it. Even if they “trap” the data, it will make absolutely no sense. They will just see garbled information.

[nbsp]3. All data sent between two BBSDs will automatically be compressed/packed (zipped). This can greatly reduce bandwidth, because less data will travel between two BBSDs. At the same time a BBSD converts data to a format that will only be understood between two BBSDs, it also uses a very clever algorithm to reduce the data, i.e. where there is as little as possible data redundancy. Let’s say a 10-character word is used 20 times in a message. That adds up to a total length of 200 characters. Now imagine the first word gets stored with a 2-character reference. Then everywhere that word is used, the 2-character reference is used, instead of the word. There is a 1-character overhead to identify such references. So, instead of remaining duplicate words being 10 characters long, they are now 1+2=3 characters long. That is a savings of 7 characters per word. Let’s re-compute. First reference to word takes up 12 characters. Remaining 19 references take up 3x19=57 characters. Total: 12+57=69.  That is a savings of 200-69=131 characters, which is roughly a 65% savings. Nothing to sneeze at. And this is just one example of how we will compress data. There are also other very effective techniques to further compress the data, especially if such data is not text-based, e.g. images, objects, etc.

[nbsp]4. Hackers won’t be able to hijack the traffic between clients and servers, thereby gaining valuable information they can use to hack sites. You will be able to only give people who have BBSDs installed access to your site. In the beginning this may be an issue, because sites do not want to lose traffic. But, as BBSDs become more popular, and more than 75% of surfers use them, sites will be more willing to lose 25% of their traffic, if it will give them 100% protection. They can always display a message like “In order to access our site you must have BBSD installed. Want to download it now?” There will come a time when only suspicious people will not be willing to download BBSD, because they know that it will foil their bad intentions.

[nbsp]5. The user (client) can choose to only allow for access to BBSD-enabled sites. This will obviously not be chosen at the early stages, because it will take some time for most sites to offer BBSD. Also, once BBDS takes off, sites will be forced to offer this feature, because if they don’t they will lose too much traffic. If a user decides to turn on the “BBSD-enabled Sites Only” feature, then he/she will be presented with a message like “The site you are trying to visit does not support BBSD. Would you like to enter a password to override this block, and visit site anyway? (Y/N)”. See where I’m going with this? Hint: Ability to contact site’s webmaster to request feature, placing user pressure on site administrators.

[float=right][smg id=35 caption="Logo"][/float]6. Each BBSD has the option of having Virus Protection turned on. This will be a paid Subscription Service. When enabled, all incoming messages will be checked for known viruses. This will be a lot faster than having a separate application installed on your computer. Obviously this will only protect data being sent from another BBSD. If you are on a site that does not have a BBSD, you will still need your regular Anti-Virus software to protect you. It also does not protect against viruses that may already be on your computer, or that you gain access to via other means, e.g. copying data from your DVD-Drive. But, you will at least have peace of mind while connected to a site that utilizes BBSD. Sites can have a BBSD Enabled image, which will comfort surfers that have BBSD installed at their end.

Technical Details

[float=left][smg id=36 caption="Diagram"][/float]At the heart of each BBSD is a built-in language generator. When a connection is made between two BBSDs, they immediately go into a handshake mode, and the client’s BBSD “invents” the new language they are going to be using for the duration of the connection. It then sends a special 256-character, highly complex code to the server’s BBSD, which immediately starts creating the new language at its end, based on some secret information contained in the 256-character code. Even if someone hijacks this 256-character code, which is possible, and then uses his/her own BBSD to try and recreate the new language, it will not work. The reason for this is that firstly, there was no handshake made between the attempted hacker’s BBSD and the “hackee’s” BBSD, and secondly, the hacker’s BBSD won’t find its own ID in the 256-character code, which has been scrambled. The hacker won’t be able to scramble his own ID, because the scrambling technique is different every time, and also won’t know where in the 256-character code to insert it. The position of this ID is never the same, and besides, it also is broken up into between 3 and 7 pieces. Example: ID is 32 bytes long. The first and 17th characters may be stored at the end of the 256-character code. The 12th, 27th and 32nd characters may be stored at position 187 of the 256-character code… and so on. And this mechanism changes each and every time a new connection is made.

When a BBSD is installed, it is allocated a unique ID, which will only work on the computer that it was installed on. Copying the code to another computer will render the BBSD useless. Trying to change your own BBSD’s ID to any other ID than the one it was allocated during installation, will also make it inoperable.

There is no way for a third BBSD to be brought into a conversation. All that hackers can do is to intercept the data between two BBSDs. But it will do them no good. Good luck to them trying to figure out the language two BBSD’s are talking to each other. If, by some miracle, they ever figure it out, it will be too late, because that language will never be spoken again. A BBSD language is created once, spoken once, and will never be spoken again… never, ever.

In laymen’s terms I’m going to use the following analogy:
Let’s say you meet someone, and then the two of you make up this secret language only the two of you can understand. You speak it until you say your goodbyes. The next day, or a couple of minutes later, you get together again and try to speak the same language you spoke before. You immediately realize that the other person is speaking in a strange tongue. Not a single word makes sense. So, you quickly invent a whole new language, and you’re able to fully understand each other again. When you depart, you say to the other person: “Speak to you next time, in what language I do not know. But, don’t worry. We’ll figure it out, just between the two of us”.

Business Model

How does one make money with this idea?

Well, any new idea will be met with skepticism when there is a fee associated with it, especially on the Internet. Surfers want FREE things. They have become accustomed to it. So, I suggest that we provide our BBSDs for free. Yes, that’s right, no charge. Well, then how do we make our money? Ah-hah. We provide the basic version for free, and we provide optional extras (add-ons) that we will charge for. One example is to have the built-in virus protection feature enabled. It will be more effective and faster than traditional virus protection software, because we can trap it at the highest level. This alone, will make the venture profitable.

The extended version can also include many other optional extras. Here are some examples:
  • Direct On-line chat, bypassing the browser
  • Spam and Junk Mail filtering
  • Blocking of certain sites (managed by user)
  • Child Mode (Safe Surfing) – Administered by us, but users can add/delete
  • Our own tightly integrated, super-fast browser (this will come much later)
  • And the list goes on… (only limited by our imagination)

Think about this for a minute:
  • Once BBSD is an accepted standard, most traffic on the Internet will be flowing through our software modules. This is a HUGE benefit. Really think about this one. You will be amazed at the endless possibilities such a scenario will create.


BBSD will change the Internet forever. It is so secure that not even the inventor (which is me) will be able to decipher a conversation between two BBSDs. During a session, only the two BBSDs understand each other, and no one else.

To build this is absolutely possible. To make it happen the following is needed: Investment capital, a small team of high-level technical people, and an effective marketing campaign to roll it out.

If you are interested in helping me make this idea a success, then please send me a message. (You must be logged in to send a message)

Thank you for reading my idea.


For more of my own personal ideas please click here...
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"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success." - Nikola Tesla
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