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Author Topic: Re: Sound Bottle remixes everyday noises into a song  (Read 3966 times)

Jay Sadie

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Re: Sound Bottle remixes everyday noises into a song
« on: January 03, 2013, 02:41:22 AM »

[float=right][smg id=685 width=460][/float]The idea of catching a sound in a bottle in order to listen to it later is one that many of us have toyed with, especially as kids. Unfortunately it isn't possible in the real world, at least not with a real bottle and nothing but a real bottle. However, Re: Sound Bottle is more than what it first appears to be, and its internal components means this particular bottle is capable of recording, remixing, and playing back sounds captured from all manner of different sources.

Re: Sound Bottle is the work of Jun Fujiwara from the Tama Art University in Japan. It won Fujiwara the Naoki Sakai Prize, a special judge's prize, at the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Awards 2012.

The underlying idea is that on the surface Re: Sound Bottle looks and feels just like a normal bottle. In one mode it's set to record a small sample of whatever noise is made next it while the cork is off, in another it's set to play back a musical composition of all the sounds recently recorded, again while the cork is removed.

This makes it look like a very simple device, but in reality the sounds are collected and added to an audio database which is then plundered in order to create a unique song. Fujiwara has yet to reveal the exact hardware and software used in Re: Sound Bottle, but a similar system could be achieved with any number of platforms and the technical know-how to go with it.

It's currently just a one-off, although some people are suggesting Fujiwara should take Re: Sound Bottle to the masses via Kickstarter ... and I suspect this combination of art and engineering would find a wider audience, just like the BeetBox which turns a root veg into a musical instrument.

The video embedded below shows Re: Sound Bottle in action, with everyday noises captured and turned into a musical composition not always one that's pleasing to the ear, perhaps, but a musical composition nonetheless.

Source: This Is Colossal

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