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Author Topic: Eezisit® – the ALL NEW INFLATABLE PRODUCT for all seasons and all reasons!  (Read 38599 times)


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Eezisit® - remember our name - NO OTHER inflatables ANYWHERE are the SAME!

Eezisit®, the new self-inflatable multi-use product, with a twist!
Patented “magic” inflation – no air valve – for “use anywhere” flexibility. Works like trapping air inside a plastic bag!
Multiple uses as an inflatable backrest, travel cushion, pillow, children’s booster cushion, core stability “wobble” cushion, footrest / exerciser (e.g. for on flights), waterproof ‘dry bag’.
Class leading comfort and pressure relief for back problems.

Quote by Chris Evans live on Radio 2 on seeing the almost ‘magic’ inflation - deflation process for the first time “That is Genius!”

Markets/users for this product?
People with back problems, office workers, companies who employ office workers and want to reduce lost time due to back problems, pregnant women, parents with children who need a portable usable booster cushion or a dry seat when at sports days, picnics, anybody out and about anywhere, hikers, ramblers, mountaineers, festival goers, campers, caravan people, sailors, people who go canoeing, football/rugby/cricket fans, people who take flights, people on long coach journeys, companies who want to use a unique product (branded to their corporate image) to spread their message …… the list REALLY IS ENDLESS, as is the potential for promotion on a new absolutely unique product.

Originally designed as an easily portable travel cushion / pillow, extensive feed back from existing and previous customers has revealed that the products unique features create the perfect “go anywhere, use anywhere” back rest cushion to ease sitting and prevent and reduce the effects of back ache.
The Eezisit® self inflate unit can reduce the stress and fatigue that creates back-ache, even before the ache sets in. Eezisit® supports the spine and lower back encouraging correct posture. The ability to easily alter the degree of inflation allows the unique shape to ‘envelope the lower back’ in a pressure-relieving ‘cocoon of air’ to hold, support and massage overtaxed  postural muscles. The motion-response cushioning shapes to your body for lasting support with every move. The user chooses the best shape and degree of inflation for their back and the particular seating in use. Occasionally modifying the amount of inflation will alter the users position slightly and can help reduce back fatigue.
The flexibility of the Eezisit® system enables it to be adjusted to allow the user to sit ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ the support structure, providing a class leading pressure equalisation capability and potentially assisting in relief/recovery from certain medical problems for example spinal injuries, herniated discs, sciatica and general soft tissue/muscle damage. The deep air cushion provides a ‘reactive support system’ that conventional cushions, micro-bead and even memory foam systems cannot match, these all tending to ‘settle’ around your contours but then failing to instantly adjust and match your shape as you move. Eezisit converts almost any seat into the perfect seat, anywhere you are. Portable and light, the best ‘hydrotherapy’ substitute for your back!

What do customers think? 
‘Brilliant! SO clever! Thanks.’  Val, Bristol.
‘Wonderful item. Great for posture and back problems.’ George, Durham.
‘This is the Best Travel Cushion ever. Brilliant idea. Thank you.’ Eileen Nottinghamshire.
‘Hi, I bought one of your backrest cushions to use on a long haul flight before Christmas. It worked absolutely brilliantly! I also use it in the car to ease my Sciatica. It’s so good, I want to order four more for family and friends!’ Mrs S, Berkshire.
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