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Title: Hemisphere Connecting Pipelines and/or Tunnels
Post by: Jay Sadie on March 11, 2012, 06:33:26 AM
For many years now I've had this crazy idea in my mind. It is so far out there that I almost did not post it. But then I thought: "Why not? After all, this is LoopyIdeas.com."

Every year there is always a huge difference in temperatures between the two hemispheres. One part of the world is freezing, while the other part is suffering from sweltering heat.

During such times one always wishes that you could get some of the other side's heat or cold, depending on your perspective. I would sometimes jokingly mention to my friends or family that it sure would be nice if we could send some of our heat to the other hemisphere, in exchange for some of the cold they're experiencing.

Well, why not lay some massive pipelines between the two hemispheres? Then cold and hot air can be pumped from one place to the other.

To kill two birds with one stone, one could even consider building large tunnels that could also be used for high-speed trains, while at the same time moving with the cold/hot air. You could have maglev trains running at 1,000 kilometers per hour or even higher, the same speed at which the air is moving, thereby having no friction holding the trains back. This would create incredibly energy-efficient trains, due to almost zero-level friction. Once the trains reach their cruising speed they can practically coast all the way.

To build this will be extremely costly, but once built the benefits and cost savings will be well be worth it! Not to mention solving the current frustrations of air travel we all have to deal with these days. We can get to our destinations much quicker, more effectively, cheaper and safer.

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