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Title: Vibrating Garden Spade/Shovel
Post by: Jay Sadie on February 26, 2012, 04:32:48 AM
I was working in the garden the other day, creating a new flower bed, and had to loosen some dirt with a spade (* some people call it a shovel. See note further down). Unfortunately for me the soil was very hard, and after many hours of sweating and blisters I finally got the job done by using a pick to loosen the hard-packed dry soil, and finally a spade to work some compost into the flower bed. The pick helped a lot, but it was back-breaking work. I felt it the next day.

So, this little episode made me think of a new invention that would make dirt loosening a little, or actually a lot easier. This idea came to me at 5 am in the morning when I couldn't sleep because of my aching back muscles.

Add a small powerful electric or gas motor to the spade, just above the blade where the shaft meets the blade. Usually the top of the blade has an edge where one can use the bottom of one's shoe to drive the blade into the ground by stepping on it. The vibrating motor will be mounted on these bent-over edges, causing a transfer of the vibrations down the blade into the ground. One could also mount a speed control just below the handle, which will control the speed and intensity of the vibrations. The handle will have to be made of a soft rubber or silicone to absorb the vibrations, otherwise it would be a teeth-clattering experience for the operator.  ;D

Another option would be to use sonic vibrations in stead of mechanical vibrations. Some R&D will have to be done to determine how effective sonic vibrations would be.

I'm quite confident that my idea will save a lot of hard labor, and many soar back muscles. This vibrating spade should cut into the ground like a hot knife into butter.

Now all that is left is to build a prototype...

* Note: While some people use the terms interchangeably, there actually are clear differences between shovels and spades. The main difference is the scooping tip. The very bottom edge on a spade is completely flat. Another difference between spades and shovels is their intended use. Spades, with their flat tips, are used for moving dirt and other materials from one place to another. They are also used for evening the depth of a garden bed by leveling the soil. The blade can also be used to loosen the soil by pushing the flat blade into the soil. Shovels are used for digging deep into the earth. Shovels can also be used to loosen soil. Shovels are also better at moving soil from one place to another, because their scoop is deeper than that of a spade.

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