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Title: Loopy Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011
Post by: Jay Sadie on December 15, 2011, 02:20:35 AM
As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I'd open a topic on weird, unusual or out-of-the ordinary Christmas Gifts. Every year some products come on the market around Christmas time that either make us shake our heads, fascinate us, or make us laugh. This year is no exception. Please feel free to add any gifts that you may have come across. Let's see who can come up with the strangest Christmas gift.

To those who know me, a friendly reminder... This is not a wish list!  ;D

[smg id=283 width=400 caption="Nose Shower Gel Dispenser"]

[smg id=284 width=400 caption="I am T-PAIN Microphone"]

[smg id=285 width=400 caption="McDonald's Drive Thru Center"]

[smg id=286 width=400 caption="Proud To Be American Chia Series"]

[smg id=287 width=400 caption="Santa Drink Dispenser"]

[smg id=288 width=400 caption="White Elephant"]

[smg id=289 width=400 caption="Mt St Helens Salt & Pepper Shaker"]

[smg id=290 width=400 caption="DVD Rewinder"]

[smg id=291 width=400 caption="Beer Beard"]

[smg id=292 width=400 caption="Inflatable Christmas Tree"]

[smg id=293 width=400 caption="Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game"]

[smg id=296 width=400 caption="Angry Birds Hat"]

[smg id=294 width=400 caption="Burger Sweater"]

[smg id=295 width=400 caption="Facebook Like/Dislike Stamps"]

[smg id=297 width=400 caption="LED Tap Lights"]

[smg id=298 width=400 caption="Funny Slippers"]

[smg id=299 width=400 caption="Zombie Sandals"]

[smg id=300 width=400 caption="Remote Controlled Tarantula"]