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Post by: Brilliant on November 22, 2011, 02:57:10 AM

The whole world is looking at making money by going green with things they manufacture and technology. I think its about time that we actually give the earth back to the earth a bit and think of what go green actually is. I was watching satelite television and saw that every day they cut down thousands upon thousand of tree each over 100 years old. That made me think, who plants the trees, do they grow back fast enough to give back to the earth, I then took all countries into consideration and thought to myself, we are all expanding the population at an all time high and what are we doing, we are occupying more land and killing plants and animals habitat. No this is not about the animals or anything like that but they should be considered.

Well let me get to the point now. My loopy idea could be profitable if implemented. I was thinking of a contract or the purchase of a tree from anyone or any place in the world the tree is purchased and planted and is guaranteed to be there for at least 100 years and they wont be removed. purchase a tree, dedicate it to a loved one or someone that passed away or anyone or anthing you like. you can even have a memorial tree etc. I think you can see what direction I am going in. I think this is true go green and it wont require any huge company or industry just some land and trees. There is a lot more business rules and ideas and thinking you can put into this.

Just a quick blog from my side and if you have any ideas or feedback on the idea give a shout.
Post by: Jay Sadie on November 23, 2011, 12:44:38 AM
Great idea, Brilliant.

This is kind of like the "Adopt a Highway" program in the US. Imagine if every human on Earth would "adopt" a tree. There will then be 7 billion secured trees that won't be cut down. To take it to the next level... if each person would plant a new tree, or pay for one being planted on their behalf, we'll have 7 billion additional trees. That's a lot of extra oxygen. What I also like about your idea is that it is very simple to implement. No hi-tech solution or research needed.

People are buying land on the moon (http://loopyideas.com/index.php?topic=527). My point is that if there are people prepared to buy land on the moon, then surely they would be willing to buy a tree on Earth.

I would also like to suggest that each tree should have a small durable plate attached to it, with the name of the sponsor and/or the person(s) the tree is dedicated to. This must obviously not damage the tree in any way.

Maybe someone reading this will take on this challenge. Or, maybe you should implement it, Brilliant... Seeing that it is your idea after all.  ;)
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