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Title: Fourth Dimension Transportation – A Traveller’s Dream
Post by: Jay Sadie on November 16, 2011, 02:14:58 AM
The world has certainly changed in the last few decades, especially in its awareness of carbon emissions and global warming. The depletion of the ozone layer has become common knowledge. Huge drives are under way to “save” the planet. Although there are still many skeptics out there, most people believe that everyone should do their share to conserve energy and to reduce their carbon footprints.

Alternate energy sources are seen as the answer to replace fossil fuel generated energy. Electric vehicles will soon replace internal combustion engines, and by soon I mean in the next two decades. EVs are already commercially available and most car manufacturers are working on bringing them to the market, or for those who have them already they are working on improvements, especially on more efficient battery technology.

Airplanes are still a big problem as far as pumping carbon monoxide into the atmosphere is concerned. There are drives towards “Electric Airplanes”. I have posted some ideas on LoopyIdeas myself regarding this subject:

The world is working feverishly on new “green” modes of transportation.

I’d like to explore an entirely new way of travel. This is truly a Loopy Idea.

The problem with traditional travel is that you move from point A to point B, and the time it takes to do so depends on the distance between the two points and the speed at which you travel. The further you travel the longer it takes.

Imagine being able to travel between two points instantaneously. Well almost... maybe in a fraction of a second, or a couple of seconds.

To do this in the three-dimensional space we live in will be impossible. The laws of physics prevent us from doing so.

In order to defy the laws of physics we know, we have to travel in the fourth dimension.

What exactly is the fourth dimension? Well, some believe that time is the fourth dimension. Personally I don’t think so. Time is a measure and not a dimension. Inches and meters are measures, not dimensions... so are seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. Time itself is not a dimension. And besides, I think it only exists in our three-dimensional world.

It is not easy for us to grasp the fourth dimension. Merely because we cannot see it, or touch it. We as humans learn by experiencing things. The fourth dimension is mere speculation. It is very tough to explain, or understand it fully. But we can try to...

Think of the fourth dimension as a dimension where distance and time does not exist. Space, as we know it, does not exist. I know it’s difficult... I’m also struggling with the thought. But that’s what is so great about our minds. We can postulate ideas that we cannot prove, or see, or touch. Quantum physicists do this every day. No one has ever “seen” an atom, electron, proton, neutron or quark. These sub-atomic particles are so small that they cannot be seen directly, even by the world’s strongest microscopes. And these particles actually “live” in our three-dimensional world. Now imagine how difficult it is to “see” anything in the fourth dimension.

I believe that you cannot “see” in the fourth dimension, because there is nothing to see. This sounds very strange indeed. I must admit.

Our three-dimensional world “lives” inside the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension completely wraps around it, or is intertwined with it.

If you can “step” into the fourth dimension you will be able to “step” back into our three-dimensional Universe anywhere you want. Every point in our Universe has a direct connection with the fourth dimension.

When reading this you probably think about wormholes, a popular science fiction topic. The TV series “Stargate” will probably also come to mind. The premise behind these science fiction ideas is that you “bend” space. Do the following experiment: Take a piece of paper and make two dots on it, as far apart as you want. Now fold/bend the paper over until the two dots meet. If you now punch a hole through the paper where the two dots meet you can move an object through the hole and move from the one dot to the other, without having to “travel” the distance on the paper between the two dots. You have “cheated” the system.

The idea of “bending” space is the closest we can come to understand how to travel via the fourth dimension. This is a way to “visualize” how it can be done.

In “Stargate” they actually have two gates, one at each end. If one of these gates become inoperable then travel is no longer possible between the two “points”. Also, someone has to first travel to the distant planet or star or galaxy to “install” one of these gates. In order to travel anywhere in the Universe you will therefore have to install a Stargate at each and every point. This will take a very long time.

My far-out-there idea does not involve having to install any gates, or senders and receivers. Once we figure out how to “step” into the fourth dimension, and more importantly how to “step” out of it, we will be able to travel to any point in our known Universe instantaneously. The only time required will be the “step” in. Once you are in the fourth dimension time does not exist, so it cannot take any time to move between points. When you “step” out there is also a small fraction of time that will pass as you move back into our Universe.

Imagine you want to visit someone you know who lives in a city halfway around the world. You initialize your “Universe Traveler” (a device that must still be invented), contact your friend to ask for his/her permission to enter his/her space, and once approved step through the plasma-like “looking glass” in front of you. A moment later you shake your fiend’s hand. After your visit you step back to your house, halfway around the world.

You may ask how one would get back if the person you’re visiting does not have a “Universal Traveler”. Well there is a simple solution... take your own one with you.

Of course there will be many problems to iron out... like with any new idea, especially as radical as this one. Take for instance one’s privacy. Imagine someone suddenly steps into your bedroom while you’re getting dressed, or doing something very personal. “Big Brother” will be able to spy on you through the “looking glass”.  What if you accidentally step out into a hostile world on the other side of the Universe? And there will be many more obstacles. Just because there are major challenges does not mean that we should not do it. I believe that every problem has a solution. As an example: One could for instance create a cloaking device that will prohibit anyone from “stepping” into your private space without getting your permission first. If they try to look at your space through their “looking glass” they will see a white haze (like frosted glass). Once you allow access, and only then, will the glass clear so they can see you, and finally step through, only if you approve entry.

In this futuristic world we will no longer need cars, boats or airplanes. There will be no roads or bridges, or tunnels.

Makes one wonder... When we watch science fiction movies about futuristic societies we always see space ships, flying cars and other transportation vehicles depicted in the minds of the script writers.

What if in the distant future vehicles become extinct? Maybe someone should make a movie showing this as a possibility... Remember to contact me as a script/futuristic supervisor. ;D

For more of my own personal ideas please click here... (http://loopyideas.com/index.php?topic=481)
Title: Re: Fourth Dimension Transportation – A Traveller’s Dream
Post by: innovator on November 17, 2011, 12:32:19 AM
Hi Jay,

Great idea. Pitty it's not the future yet. It would take travelling to a whole new level. I'm sure many frustrated travellers in this day and age would give anything to be spared all the hassles associated with international travel. No more long layovers, cancellation of flights, overbooking situations, technical difficulties, snow storms, ash clouds... and the list goes on.

Your idea sparked another idea in my mind. One could arrange exotic tours, where customers are taken around the Universe to the strangest places imagineable.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "The sky is the limit!"
Title: Re: Fourth Dimension Transportation – A Traveller’s Dream
Post by: Jay Sadie on November 17, 2011, 12:48:13 AM
Thanks innovator. Maybe we should get "innovative" :) and invent the "Universe Traveller" together. Your "Exotic Tour" idea will be a big hit with those who like to travel around the world, or universe in this case. It would certainly take vacationing to the extreme. One would have to carefully "select" the places to travel to, to ensure there are no life-threatening hazards for tourists, e.g. vicious creatures, poisonous gasses, extreme gravity that could crush you, and things we cannot even anticipate. I guess we could send "robot scouts" in first to make sure the coast is clear.
Title: Re: Fourth Dimension Transportation – A Traveller’s Dream
Post by: eureka on November 17, 2011, 01:18:02 AM
Manufacturers of cars, airplanes, trains, trucks, and so forth will not be too pleased with your idea. Imgine what it would do to their industries!

I like the idea though.