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Title: No More Great Ideas Down the Drain!
Post by: eureka on September 18, 2011, 06:45:40 AM
[float=right][smg id=119 caption="Aqua Notes"][/float]If you find that some of your best ideas and insights are generated in the tranquility and solitude of the shower...then AquaNotes® is for you! These waterproof notepads help you capture and preserve your ideas before they're forgotten!

The shower has long been held as the best place to spark ideas and creative inspiration. But it’s always been a challenge to remember shower ideas, and writing in water is a struggle. That is until now!  

AquaNotes®  is a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you're in the shower.  It's so durable you can even write underwater.  They're recyclable, environmentally friendly, and the notepad is printed with soy-based ink.

Artists and Doodlers - Unleash your creative and fun side in the shower by using AquaNotes® to draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower.

College Students - Give your favorite student a fun gift that can help put their long showers to good use! They can use AquaNotes® to preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or to leave messages in the shower for roommates! Or they can draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower!

http://www.myaquanotes.com/ (http://www.myaquanotes.com/)