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Title: Virtual Media Storage (VMS) to replace DVD's, CD's and ALL other media storage
Post by: Jay Sadie on July 02, 2010, 12:03:12 PM
I would like to coin a brand new phrase: "Virtual Media Storage", acronym: VMS.

Remember the old days when we bought Vinyl Records? They were large and clumsy, and easily got damaged.

Too young to remember Vinyl Records?  Well, then how about eight-track tapes (Stereo 8), or not so long ago, the compact Cassette?  And surely everyone knows the latest media storage, the CD (Compact Disc).

The above were all ways of storing sounds, mainly our favorite songs.  When it comes to visual media storage we all immediately think about a DVD (Digital Video Disc).

No matter how much technology has progressed when it comes to storing sound or video, the biggest drawback of all these storage formats is the physicality of it all.  You have to purchase a copy of an album or a movie, and then you have to store the CD or DVD in a physical location.  In order to do so you need to have a shelf, or box, or somewhere to put it.

The problem with physical storage is that it can be damaged, or lost, or even more frustrating, become obsolete.  Every time a newer, better format sees the light of day, guess what?... You have to buy your entire collection of songs or movies all over again!

Would it not be nice to:
1) Buy a music album and/or movie once
2) Own the rights to it for as long as you live, and even leave it to your heirs?

I propose to create a central storage for all movies and sound (entertainment media), that will be stored in whatever digital format the latest technology provides.  Customers purchase the rights to a specific music album or movie via a secure on-line electronic transaction.  This transaction will be stored in a central database that will be accessed every time a customer would like to listen to an album, or watch a movie that he/she owns.

How is this all possible?  Simply by downloading the movie or album via broadband each and every time you want to view or listen to it!

Now, a couple of years ago this would not have been possible.  There simply was not enough bandwidth to do so.  But that is all about to change, and is changing as you read this.  Optical fiber is being deployed across the planet at a mind-boggling pace.  Within years it will be the norm.

Optical fiber will make it possible to download an entire movie in less than a second!  That is if combined with a new technology that is being developed, called "Light Switching".  I will elaborate on this subject in the near future.

Imagine this: You want to watch a movie.  What are you in the mood for?  Use a new remote that we will supply, that will work with your new download device, a device that will temporarily store the movie you want to watch, or a movie index of all the movies you own.  You will be able to categorize your movies in any way you choose.  We will obviously provide you with a suggested index template that you can use as is, or modify to your taste or liking.  In the mood for a comedy?  Select "Comedy" from the index.  View an index of your available movies in this category, and once you find what you're looking for, click on "Play Movie".  The movie downloads almost instantaneously and starts playing.  If you need to take a break you can press "Pause".  You can also "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" as much as you like.

Driving in your car?  Want to listen to your favorite album or Play List?  Let our device show or vocally announce the index.  Once you pick what you want to listen to, either by pressing a "Select" button, or by voice commands, the album is downloaded via a super-fast broadband wireless connection onto our device in your vehicle.  No tapes, no CD's.  Nothing to insert!

Think about all the advantages.  Record and Movie Companies no longer have to worry about Piracy.  You cannot copy or replicate our movies or songs, because they can only be played by a device that has performed a check on our central database to confirm that you are the legal owner of the movie or album.  And it can only be played by our devices.  There is no way to copy or play anything off one of our devices.

You don't have to worry about losing any of your movies or albums ever again.  No matter where you move to, or are in this world, you will always have access to ALL your movies and albums.  When you go on vacation you will be able to watch your movies wherever you are.  All you need is an Internet connection... and our device.

There will be a small annual administration fee (+- $20 US) for having all this at your fingertips.  This is a small amount, especially when you consider how much you'll be saving on movies and music.  You don't have to pay for the cost of a physical CD or DVD, and the protective cases they come in.  This cost savings will be passed onto you directly.  At the end of the day everyone wins... the Movie and Music Companies... and more importantly... the consumer!

This is in our near future.  Someone will do this.  Maybe it will be Google, or maybe Blockbuster, or even Time Warner.  Who knows for sure?

Mark my words: "Virtual Media Storage" will replace all forms of removable storage.  It is inevitable.

Care to disagree?

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Title: Re: Virtual Media Storage (VMS) to replace DVD's, CD's and ALL other media storage
Post by: Jay Sadie on December 01, 2010, 03:00:05 AM
As promised, here is a link to my follow-up:

Cyber Entertainment Media - Online Video and Music Storage (http://loopyideas.com/index.php?topic=214.0)

It expands on "Light Switching" and talks about new developments in ultra-high speed Internet connections.