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Title: Stackable, Portable Concept Homes offer Mobile Living with a view!
Post by: Jay Sadie on April 20, 2010, 09:07:47 AM
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By Emanuele Comi  for CNN - April 12, 2010


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(CNN) -- Tired of living in the same location but don't want to leave the house you love? That wouldn't be a problem if architect Felipe Campolina had his way.

The Brazilian architect has designed a concept for a residential tower comprised of portable, stackable apartment units, which he says opens up new possibilities for ways of living in the city.

His design would allow owners to take their home with them when they travel -- whether for a weekend away or for longer periods, he said.

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The mobile home tower project is at the concept stage -- and it could be years before it is built, if ever at all.

But if it is realized, it would offer an innovative and eco-friendly solution to living in urban areas, Campolina said.

"We have enough technology to build with fewer materials and minimize the impact on nature, but we continue to build with a lot of waste," he told CNN.

His vision would call for units with a green roof and walls and a system for recycling water.

The tower, whose first unit would be built nine meters above ground, would also offer relief from overcrowding in densely populated areas.

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"The geometry of the tower has a small projection area on the ground, designed to facilitate its application in dense urban centers, where space is very limited," he said.

Still just a concept, Campolina -- who designed the building for architecture journal eVolo's Skyscraper Competition (http://www.evolo.us/category/2010/) -- said with enough public interest, it just might become a reality one day.

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