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Title: New Website dedicated to Voting and Polling - The next Twitter or Facebook?
Post by: Jay Sadie on April 09, 2010, 06:46:32 AM
I have had this idea for about a year now, and finally decided to implement it. I started in early January and finished the site about two weeks ago... version 1 at least. As anyone who develops probably knows, a website is never complete. There are always new features to implement, and improvements to be made. But, I'm pretty happy with the first release.

The website is called ZoomVote.com (http://zoomvote.com), and is intended to become the definitive destination for voting of all kinds, sorts and types, including polling. Although there are sites out there that provide polling, it is not the main theme of those sites.

I believe that in order for a site to become successful, it must have a very clear theme. There are too many sites out there that try to be everything to everyone. That makes them lose their identity. I don't want to mention any names here, but just think of one of the largest Internet companies at the moment. They keep adding more and more features, and try to infiltrate every conceivable market they can lay their hands on. I guess they have to do so, because they trade publicly, and investors demand continued growth. I kind-of feel sorry for them. They are forced to look for new areas to expand into all the time, feeding the never-ending greed of investors.

Well, luckily for me, I don't have to report to any investors. ZoomVote can focus on its main theme... Voting.

What's great about ZoomVote is that anyone can create an account for free, and start posting polls. Each member has their own area they can promote, for example: zoomvote.com/JoeSoap. A unique Avatar also provides branding abilities to members. Additional to creating polls, members can also make friends with other members. Friends have the ability to write on each other's walls, providing a social environment for like-minded people.

When posting polls, members have a lot of control on how they want to construct their polls. For instance, a member can make a poll available for everyone, or just for registered members, or only to members of a certain gender, marital status, age range, country, or region. This can be extremely handy for people collecting statistics.

Polls on ZoomVote can take many formats. It can be political in nature, or just pure entertainment, or, it can be used for serious voting. One of the powerful features on ZoomVote, is the ability to create Private Polls, which are linked to an Electoral List. Let's say you want to hold a family reunion, and you want the members of your family to vote on where the reunion should be held. Create a poll, offering a list of destinations, add an electoral list (which is an option), and make the poll a Private Poll, so no one else can see it, except the members on your electoral list. Set a starting date and an ending date. Send your family members an e-mail, inviting them to join ZoomVote, and a link to the Private poll. When the poll ends in a couple of weeks or months, look at the voting results, and you have your destination!

So, hopefully I have achieved my goal of providing an easy to use, yet powerful voting destination for individuals and companies, to create polls and to vote on other's polls. And if they prefer, to even comment on other's polls, and use their own Soapbox to make a case for a poll. They can even post video or photos to give the voter more information about the poll.

There are many more features on ZoomVote. Best is to check it out for yourself. Although version 1 has been released, I have already planned for future expansions and features. Check out the About (http://zoomvote.com/about) section of ZoomVote for planned future features. While developing the site I had to discipline myself to not keep adding more and more features. It is very tempting to do so. But, if you keep adding features, you probably will never get to a point where you can show the site to the world. You'll always think of new things to add. It is also important to get your user's/member's feedback. They may have some very good ideas of how to improve your site. You also don't want to make the site too overwhelming. Sometimes too much can be confusing. When you develop the site you get very acquainted with it's inner workings and features. It soon starts looking easy to use, even too easy. When a new user looks at your site, they can easily be intimidated by it at first. Too many bells and whistles can have the opposite effect, and make them leave, to find a less-intimidating site.

Please check out ZoomVote.com (http://zoomvote.com), and let me know what you think. Any and all suggestions and comments will be most appreciated. No one man is an island, and the way to truly make a site successful is to take other's opinions into consideration.

Many thanks for reading this, and posting your valuable comments.

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