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Title: Domino's DomiCopter takes pizza delivery airborne
Post by: Jay Sadie on June 07, 2013, 02:50:33 AM
[float=right][smg id=696 width=400][/float]Recently, aerial drones have been used to bless festival goers with strategically placed beer drops and burrito lovers with air-borne deliveries. The next step in the fast-food delivery evolutionary chain is the DomiCopter, an octocopter designed to ferry Domino's pizza to your front door.

Before you get too excited, the DomiCopter isn't likely to be replacing ground-based deliveries anytime soon. Rather, it is the promotional brainchild of Domino's UK and digital creative agency T+Biscuits, who enlisted the services of Aerosight, a UK-based company specializing in aerial photography.

Piloted by Aerosight’s Dean Wynton, the customized pizza octocopter (which appears to be a modified Steadidrone EI8HT RTF) uses oversized claws to firmly grasp and hold a Domino's Heatwave bag and carry it to its destination.

The idea of replacing delivery drivers with drone pilots certainly has its merits, a reduction in delivery times and fuel costs being the obvious ones. But given the current regulations banning the use of such aircraft for commercial purposes in most countries, it's unlikely we'll see such a service get off the ground in the UK or the US in the near future. That's despite rumors of a Domino's DomiCopter Flight Academy being in the works.

The DomiCopter is shown delivering a Meatlovers Special in the following video.

Source: T+Bisquits (http://tandbiscuits.co.uk/project/domicopter/)

[float=left]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on4DRTUvst0#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on4DRTUvst0#ws)[/float]