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Title: Chameleon - Set the Mood Jewellery
Post by: Jay Sadie on May 15, 2013, 02:36:27 AM
For as long as man has existed jewellery has been part and parcel of his/her attire. With modern technology we now have the ability to produce jewellery never seen before.

I have an idea for making color-changing jewellery, where a person can change the color of the stones in the jewellery on an ad hoc basis, as many times as he/she desires, and the color will remain fixed until changed again. This will allow a person to purchase jewellery that will color-match any clothing.

This jewellery's color-changing ability will be achieved by using an application on a smart phone or computer that will allow the consumer to pick the desired color, either from a color wheel, or by scanning in a color, e.g. directly from the piece of clothing you want to match the jewellery to. The application will then communicate with the device that changes the jewellery's color, either by means of a chemical reaction, or changing the coding of a tiny chip on the jewellery that produces a low density laser light that permeates the stone/material. Some experimentation must still be done on which method would be the most practical, affordable and workable.

A perfect name for this range of products could be Chameleon, representing the color-changing abilities of the same-name lizard.

Chameleon should be a great seller. All that remains now is to raise the venture capital to design, produce and market it. Perhaps one of the investors in Dragons' Den (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragons%27_Den_%28UK%29) will be interested!

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