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Monster Truck School Bus
Get to school on time!  :D
 Views: 11049
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jan 21, 2010
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Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring
Are you looking to throw your own Pro Thumb Wrestling event? Give the sport the respect it deserves with the Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena. This fantastic arena comes with an unpadded thumb-slammin’ floor.

New to the sport of thumb wrestling? Don’t worry! An official rule book is included.  One, two, t…
 Views: 6578
Posted by Jay Sadie
Sep 18, 2011
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Moller M400 Skycar
Skycar on ground, ready for vertical take-off!
 Views: 6151
Posted by innovator
Feb 19, 2007
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Moller M400 Skycar Diagram
Cross section diagram, showing fuel tank, luggage area, rotary engines, fans, etc.  
 Views: 5664
 Rating: 4.98
Posted by innovator
Jan 17, 2010
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Crazy Cars - Double Living Room
Jay Ohrberg is the proud creator of this giant eight-seat living room-inspired limousine is. We are still not sure why he built it, but he is glad he did.

Whereas Ohrberg might not be a household name, you would have by any chance seen some of his work – he was the man behind Super Dave Osborne’s c…
 Views: 5356
Posted by eureka
Mar 08, 2012
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Random Items
Fujitsu's Wandant
Fujitsu's Wandant cloud-based pedometer for dogs launches in Japan. Deriving its name from a combination of the colloquial Japanese word for dog and the English word pendant, Fujitsu reckons the Wandant to be the first automatic pedometer designed specifically for dogs on the market.
 Views: 259
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 29, 2012
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Weird Motorcycle Helmets
Imagine being able to subtly draw other’s attention with a cool motorcycle helmet. These helmets will surely make every passer-by stop and smile.
 Views: 152
Posted by eureka
Jun 29, 2012
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Useful Ideas
Now, why didn't I think of that?
 Views: 161
Posted by eureka
Feb 27, 2012
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Cosmism - Epiphany
The sudden rush of realization or ideas result in an epiphany. This experience is one of joy, enlightenment and euphoria. The painting portrays on a grand scale (4'x6') my interpretation of what that energy flow would look like through vivid jewel tones of magenta, violet, red, and green. This explo…
 Views: 259
Posted by monicasadie
Feb 07, 2011
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Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept EV
Frank M. Rinderknecht of Rinspeed is working on Dock+Go, a third axle system for an electric Smart car.
 Views: 160
Posted by innovator
Dec 14, 2011
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