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Hydraulic Pump
Top 10 inventions in energy and mechanics
 Views: 281
Posted by innovator
Aug 13, 2004
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Air-to-air missile
Top 10 inventions in warfare
 Views: 316
Posted by innovator
Dec 15, 2005
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Top 10 inventions in communication media
 Views: 309
Posted by innovator
Jul 13, 2006
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Profiles of Dragon Cargo
Profiles of Dragon Cargo (with trunk) and Dragon Crew spacecraft.

The docking target system for the Dragon module, the DragonEye, was tested during STS-127 by mounting it near the docking port on Space Shuttle Endeavour and using it while approaching the International Space Station. The DragonEye's…
 Views: 314
Posted by eureka
Aug 18, 2006
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Swing-wing Aeroplane
Top 10 inventions in warfare
 Views: 329
Posted by innovator
Sep 22, 2006
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Random Items
Kuratas Prototype Mecha Robot
Hold fire on those Christmas lists. Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata has unveiled a 13.1 ft (4 meter) tall, 9900 lb (4500 kg) prototype mecha robot called Kuratas, which comes complete with "weapon systems" and is apparently cable of being driven by an onboard human pilot.
 Views: 195
Posted by Jay Sadie
Aug 01, 2012
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Hair Brush For Bald Men
Even though it is usually thought of as impossible to sell any combs to bald men, somebody still comes up with this piece that can polish their bald heads. So it’s not a comb, but instead a head polisher!
 Views: 206
Posted by eureka
Jul 12, 2012
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Smell-o-Vision - List of Worst Inventions
Forget 3-D — what audiences really want is to smell a movie. So went the thinking of Mike Todd Jr., who in 1960 funded the ill-fated Smell-o-Vision gimmick, an elaborate system that allowed a film reel to trigger the release of bottled scents that were piped to the audience in sync with pivotal mome…
 Views: 99
Posted by eureka
Jan 25, 2012
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John Marples' Cloudia
John Marples' Cloudia (a rebuilt Searunner 34), with Thom fences on test at Fort Pierce, FL, February 2008. With a rotor drive power of 600 watts, she could sail faster than the beam wind, stop, go into reverse and yaw 180° in either direction about her own axis. Funding for work on Cloudia was prov…
 Views: 461
Posted by Jay Sadie
Feb 05, 2012
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Crazy Cars - Double Living Room
Jay Ohrberg is the proud creator of this giant eight-seat living room-inspired limousine is. We are still not sure why he built it, but he is glad he did.

Whereas Ohrberg might not be a household name, you would have by any chance seen some of his work – he was the man behind Super Dave Osborne’s c…
 Views: 5360
Posted by eureka
Mar 08, 2012
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