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Skylon - Travelin­g t… The Omniverse Robotic Muscle
The Omniverse
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A popular saying is that “A picture paints a thousand words”. The diagram below is an attempt to schematically present the Inverse referred to in this paper. In the diagram it is drawn in the middle, surrounded by two other layers, the Metaverse and the Multiverse. Collectively these three “layers” make up the Omniverse, which can also be referred to as Everything.

Using names to describe these concepts are extremely difficult, and so is trying to represent them in a diagram. From the diagram it may seem as though they are clearly marked by borders, and that there are three “layers”. Unfortunately it is impossible to “draw” concepts that are outside the scope of our 3-dimensional Universe. The schematic is purely an attempt to try and visually represent these concepts. It is important to note that these three “layers” are really entangled or intermingled. There are no clear-cut boundary conditions through which one can “step” to exit one layer and enter another layer. When studying the diagram please keep this in mind.

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PostedFebruary 22, 2015, 01:54:41 PM
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KeywordsOmniverse, Multiverse, String Theory, Big Bang, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Cosmology, Inverse Theory
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