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Crotch "Rocket" - Literally
Cool idea, but very dangerous!  :o
 Views: 593
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jan 07, 2010
in Rotating Logos - Top Right
Pages: 1 ... 151 152 [153]
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Classic BinkyBob
This is the ultimate binky for for the ultimate baby. Let your child show the world their sense of humor before he or she can talk!
 Views: 149
Posted by eureka
Apr 10, 2008
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Garbage-seeking waste basket
A Japanese inventor has built a waste basket that tracks garbage tossed in its general direction and then moves across the floor to catch it.
 Views: 164
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jul 26, 2012
in Images used in posts
Custom-built prefabricated homes, such as the modernist Perrinepod, encourage the idea that houses should be nothing more or less than their inhabitants need. By using less space and materials, prefab homes, sheds, cabanas and other buildings preserve natural resources while leaving the smallest o…
 Views: 167
Posted by Jay Sadie
Aug 05, 2007
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Moller Skycar - Teathered Flight
The Moller Skycar in flight, well almost. For safety reasons this flight was being supported by a teather attached to a tall crane's arm, in case of failure. But, it flew!
 Views: 795
Posted by innovator
Jan 17, 2010
in Images used in posts
Crazy Cars - Double Living Room
Jay Ohrberg is the proud creator of this giant eight-seat living room-inspired limousine is. We are still not sure why he built it, but he is glad he did.

Whereas Ohrberg might not be a household name, you would have by any chance seen some of his work – he was the man behind Super Dave Osborne’s c…
 Views: 4452
Posted by eureka
Mar 08, 2012
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