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Crotch "Rocket" - Literally
Cool idea, but very dangerous!  :o
 Views: 602
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jan 07, 2010
in Rotating Logos - Top Right
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Hampster Wheel Human Energy
Green wheels on a simulator, which converts the kinetic energy produced by the human body into electricity. Several machines are connected to a central storage unit of energy, where electricity can be supplemented with road lighting and traffic lights. Designer Nadim Inaty imagines that the device c…
 Views: 84
Posted by eureka
Jan 05, 2012
in Images used in posts
Aerial bombing
Top 10 inventions in warfare
 Views: 183
Posted by innovator
Jan 14, 2012
in Images used in posts
Remote Controlled Tarantula
Loopy Christmas Gifts - Christmas 2011
 Views: 211
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 19, 2011
in Images used in posts
Digitally fabricated on-site home
The patented D-Process transforms a 3D digital design into the homeís exact physical building components, using a computer controlled cutter.
 Views: 152
Posted by Jay Sadie
Aug 24, 2012
in Images used in posts
Barbie Anatomy
Anatomical model of Barbie. Unfortunately the doll itself isnít for sale, but Freeny is selling signed prints of the piece.
 Views: 967
Posted by eureka
Oct 04, 2012
in Images used in posts

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