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Hydraulic Pump
Top 10 inventions in energy and mechanics
 Views: 179
Posted by innovator
Aug 13, 2004
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Air-to-air missile
Top 10 inventions in warfare
 Views: 198
Posted by innovator
Dec 15, 2005
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Top 10 inventions in communication media
 Views: 210
Posted by innovator
Jul 13, 2006
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Profiles of Dragon Cargo
Profiles of Dragon Cargo (with trunk) and Dragon Crew spacecraft.

The docking target system for the Dragon module, the DragonEye, was tested during STS-127 by mounting it near the docking port on Space Shuttle Endeavour and using it while approaching the International Space Station. The DragonEye's…
 Views: 200
Posted by eureka
Aug 18, 2006
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Swing-wing Aeroplane
Top 10 inventions in warfare
 Views: 208
Posted by innovator
Sep 22, 2006
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Random Items
Facebook Like/Dislike Stamps
Loopy Christmas Gifts - Christmas 2011
 Views: 178
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 18, 2011
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Smart Diapers
Smart Diapers feature a panel containing several non-toxic test strips to monitor irregularities in an infant's urine.
 Views: 131
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jul 17, 2013
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The Grasshopper Electric Bike
This bike was the winner of the ‘merit prize’ in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition and it was designed by David Gonçalves. The Grasshopper is a foldable electric bike which can also be easily carried when not in use. The folding bike is easily stored and recharged at home.
 Views: 195
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 06, 2011
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Rain Drum Umbrella
Rain Drum, a recent work from a South Korea-based designer Dong Min Park, has been very popular on the Internet, and deemed as “an interesting amusement for boring rainy days”. The shade of the umbrella is made up of five different wax cloths, to imitate the different frequency of the hi-hat, crash,…
 Views: 89
Posted by eureka
Apr 23, 2010
in Images used in posts
Thumb Wresling Ring
Thumb wrestling is due to be an official event at the next Olympic games* and as such the sport is beginning to get the recognition it deserves, with the Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring.

Lets get ready to rumble! You’ll need speed, agility strength, and a strong thumb if you want to become Thumb Wrestlin…
 Views: 207
Posted by Jay Sadie
Sep 18, 2011
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