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Honda Smartphone Airbag
Inside Honda's new Smartphone Case N (Photo: Honda)
 Views: 238
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 13, 2013
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Honda Smartphone Airbag
Honda's Smartphone Case N demonstrator after airbag deployment in midair (Photo: Honda)
 Views: 263
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 13, 2013
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Microsoft Smart Bra
The Smart Bra concept is aimed at helping people ward off emotional eating (Image: Microsoft)
 Views: 217
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 10, 2013
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Genetic Slimming Circuit
Genetically modified cells implanted in the body monitor the blood-fat level and produce a satiety hormone if it is too high (Image: Martin Fussenegger / ETH Zurich / Jackson Lab)
 Views: 204
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 27, 2013
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Hardvard Synaptic Transistor
Comparison of the structures of a field effect transistor (left) and Harvard's synaptic transistor (right) (Image: B. Dodson)
 Views: 194
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 09, 2013
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Random Items
Shoe dryers
Simply blowing a hairdryer into your shoes to dry a moist interior is now a relic of the past. This UV shoe dryer pumps hot air into your shoes and blasts it with UV light to annihilate the remaining germs. The air rushes out at 104 degrees, with the machine resembling a futuristic vacuum cleaner.
 Views: 72
Posted by eureka
May 25, 2012
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Desert House prototype interior
Marmol Radziner's Desert House prototype uses solar power to supply energy, while the thermal mass of the home's concrete floor is great for retaining heat. The steel frame is recyclable.
 Views: 127
Posted by Jay Sadie
Oct 20, 2011
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AIDA 2.0
Apparently AIDA 1.0 was deemed too distracting, so now MIT is back with AIDA 2.0, which swaps the dashboard robot for a massive 3-D interactive map that covers the entire dashboard--because thatís not distracting at all.
 Views: 99
Posted by eureka
Oct 23, 2011
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Cavitating Bubble Imploding
The basic idea behind this new engine is simple but revolutionary: it utilizes a small air bubble in a fluid (the fuel) as the combustion chamber to compress, ignite, and capture the energy (heat) released by the combustion of the fuel-air contents of the bubble.
 Views: 201
Posted by innovator
Dec 03, 2009
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Cosmism - The Boleyn Effect
British history tells us of Henry VIII and one of his many wives, Anne Boleyn. Her manipulative relationship with the king changed the entire course of history for England from a Catholic to a Protestant nation. When the Pope refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce from his previous wife so that he co…
 Views: 220
Posted by monicasadie
Feb 07, 2011
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