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Honda Smartphone Airbag
Inside Honda's new Smartphone Case N (Photo: Honda)
 Views: 351
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 13, 2013
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Honda Smartphone Airbag
Honda's Smartphone Case N demonstrator after airbag deployment in midair (Photo: Honda)
 Views: 382
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 13, 2013
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Microsoft Smart Bra
The Smart Bra concept is aimed at helping people ward off emotional eating (Image: Microsoft)
 Views: 320
Posted by Jay Sadie
Dec 10, 2013
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Genetic Slimming Circuit
Genetically modified cells implanted in the body monitor the blood-fat level and produce a satiety hormone if it is too high (Image: Martin Fussenegger / ETH Zurich / Jackson Lab)
 Views: 308
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 27, 2013
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Hardvard Synaptic Transistor
Comparison of the structures of a field effect transistor (left) and Harvard's synaptic transistor (right) (Image: B. Dodson)
 Views: 330
Posted by Jay Sadie
Nov 09, 2013
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Random Items
Wheel of Shoes
A picture speaks a thousand words in this specific case. This ingenious shoe wheel makes an excellent organiser that lets you colour-coordinate your massive collection of high heels or pumps. The design is see-through, with a ventilation system that also protects your collection from any scratches.
 Views: 178
Posted by eureka
Oct 03, 2006
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Alexandria’s Underwater Museum
Few people ever get a glimpse of the remnants of ancient Alexandria, long since sunken into the Mediterranean Sea. But all the treasures discovered by divers in the 1990s, including 26 sphinxes, could be visible to the public if the world’s first underwater museum ever gets built. The partially abov…
 Views: 183
Posted by eureka
Oct 16, 2011
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Tanning Beds - List of Worst Inventions
It's no secret that overexposure to UV rays — either natural sunshine or manufactured — produces negative effects. In fact, about 90% of skin cancer incidents are the direct result of UV radiation. The role of tanning beds remains key. Introduced in the U.S. in the 1970s, they've continued growing i…
 Views: 91
Posted by eureka
Jan 25, 2012
in Images used in posts
Couch Potato
Fastest couch potato in town!  :-\
 Views: 569
Posted by Jay Sadie
Jan 07, 2010
in Rotating Logos - Top Right
Nato Womb Chair
Columbian designer Nelson Ayala is counting on someone wanting to experience a simulated birth experience, because that’s just what his Nato Station chair concept would provide.
 Views: 195
Posted by innovator
Dec 20, 2011
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